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1-17-2014 3-54-03 PMI have always considered myself a big-city girl. For 20 years I lived in a metropolitan area with a population of more than half a million people and tons of things to do all hours of the day and night. When Dad got sick and I lost my job, I thought about moving back to Athens.

But, I was worried about living in a small town, even though I have a great support network here. I thought there would be nothing to do here and I would be bored living here. Of course, visiting is not the same as living here. You get a much better picture when you immerse yourself in a town.

1-17-2014 3-54-57 PM

I’ve lived here three years now and Athens is a great place to live. It has wonderful people (I seem to be related to most of them) and there are tons of things to do in the region all the time.

1-17-2014 3-54-29 PMOne thing I like about Athens is it is so easy to get our politicians to talk to us about just about anything. Another thing I like is PIE. When you combine the two you get the Our Town Series being offered at the Center for Lifelong Learning. In this series, forget the pie charts and pies-in-the-sky, get the real rundown on how City Hall works and how your officials are working for you. Join us for mouthwatering pie and stimulating conversation and get to know our city better, one piece at a time.

Tuesday, January 21, from 1:30 to 2:30 pm, we will be discussing What You Didn’t Know About Annexation. Mayor Ronnie Marks and Dr. Tom Butler will discuss how annexation can affect voting, taxation, and schools. Dr. Diane Sauers says “the topics are pertinent, timely and important… and the pie is delicious, flaky and filling. When you bring these two things together something good will happen, I’m sure of it.” To make your reservation, call 256-233-8262 or stop by the Center for Lifelong Learning at 121 South Marion Street in Athens. The fee is $5/per discussion which includes a slice of pie.

1-17-2014 3-54-43 PM Other discussions include Redistricting:Gains and Losses, with Mayor Ronnie Marks and Dr. Jess Brown on Tuesday, February 18; Where Does All the Money Go? with Annette Barnes, City Clerk/Finance Director on Tuesday, March 18; Planning the City’s Future with Mac Martin, City Planner on Tuesday, April 15; New Ways to Protect and Serve with Chief Floyd Johnson on Tuesday, May 20; Where’s the Fire? with Chief Tony Kirk on Tuesday, June 17; and A Social City with Holly Hollman, Grants and Public Relations on Tuesday, July 15.

This series will be lots of fun, and tasty, too!

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Learning is fun and keeps you young. Stop by the Center for Lifelong Learning for a catalog of classes and events happening this spring.
Center for Lifelong Learning – 121 South Marion Street, Athens, AL 35611 – 256-233-826
By: Wanda Campbell