Limestone County Commission Chairman Stanley Menefee: Gearing Up For Growth

Stanley Menefee is no stranger to the workings of the Limestone County Commission, either as a member, or as Chairman. He has served on the Commission for almost 18 years, nearly 12 of which he has been at the helm. He is running for re-election in the upcoming June 3rd election, and he wants your vote.


Born and raised in East Limestone, Stanley first learned the principals of business and management by working on the family farm where they raised cotton, soy and corn. During the Vietnam era, he served with the National Guard 1343rd Engineering Battalion from 1966-1972, and retired as a Staff Sergeant.
Stanley went to the Commissioner’s College through Auburn University to get his bachelor’s degree in County Government, and was one of its first graduates. He enjoyed his schooling, and felt it is one more thing that has helped him “to do his job well.” He learned budgeting, media relations, building and project codes, information and resource procurement, project management and planning.

He has served on several boards, including Federal Intermediate Bank of Jackson, MS, the Farm Credit Bank, United Way, and the Association of County Commissions of Alabama, upon which he served as President.

In 2010 he ran for the position of Limestone County Commission Chair and won.”I was not supposed to win,” he said, “and I did.”

He went on to tell me that he takes his job very seriously, and his oath even more so. “I do my best to be truthful. It’s important to me,” he said. While in my view he was careful to not inappropriately leverage his personal faith, he did not shy away from the concept of feeling called to this job “for as long as I am supposed to do it.” He also did not mince words in regard to the knowledge that he must give an account for how he did that job, both to the citizens of Limestone County, as well as his Creator. He In addition, he mentioned that he has been criticized for his honesty.

We went straight to the issue of the County procurement of the L &S property, something that has been controversial and was a hot button topic at the recent debate. He made it clear that evening, (as well as to me during our interview,) that he was never for it, and strongly recommended that the County not purchase it. I then learned something very interesting about how the County Commission is run. It is legal for District Commissioners to get together 2 at a time and discuss various issues in their respective or collective purviews, but the Chairman can only talk to one Commissioner at a time. “Anything else would be considered a quorum, and that’s illegal,” he said.

Chairman Menefee is proud to have been a part of the recent effort which brought Carpenter Technology as well as Remington to Limestone County. Because 5-7 new “spin-off” jobs are generated out of each new job created by the location of new major corporations in our county, he knows that we need to “gear up for growth,” and that’s his vision.

He also pointed out that the remodeled Better Living building was going to give the Limestone County Courts four new courtrooms, which will help break up the log jam of cases that needs to be tried. He pointed out that at some point there is going to have to be an expanded facility for the License office. “It’s jammed,” he said. He also mentioned that the current renovation of the Court House should make it usable for the next 20-30 years.


Roadwork is one of the main responsibilities of the Commission, and he is grateful we have been able to qualify for A.T.R.I.P.P. grants to repair our roads. “There is much that has been done, and much we still have to do,” he said. When asking him why I should vote for him, he said, “Many of the district positions are soon going to be filled by younger men, and I believe with my experience I can help them learn quickly how to be good at their job.” If his leadership and the things he has accomplished are what you are looking for in a County Commission Chairman, then vote for Stanley Menefee on June 3rd.
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner