Let’s Get Crockin’ ~ Cooking With Shelley

This is one of several crockpot recipes that I will write about over the next several months. I’ve never really been a crockpot kinda girl. The most action my pot has ever seen is at Christmas when I break out the barbecue sauce and those little cocktail wieners! Well, all of that has changed…

My mom recently joined a crockpot recipe club online and she has gotten some really good recipes from them. And better yet, she has cooked them too. Everything from crockpot bread to meatloaf (which by the way was superb Mom!)

This week I want to share the turkey chili. Again, I have never really been a turkey kind of girl, only at Thanksgiving. But this was so good I just had to share it with you.

Hope you enjoy…Let me know if you try it. Send your questions to shelleysdesk@gmail.com