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Legal Shield - Pam & Greg Kiyak
Over 40 years ago, a man by the name of Harland Stonecipher was in an auto accident that was not his fault. Nonetheless, the guilty party sued him, and the process of defending himself in civil court drained his savings. As a result of his own bad experience, he founded what became known as Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. which today is LegalShield.

By working through a proprietary system of provider law firms covering 49 states and 4 provinces in Canada, and the commitment of 1.4 million LegalShield members, the company is able to negotiate comprehensive legal services at a fraction of what those services would traditionally cost.

These services are offered through prepaid membership plans, and Greg and Pam Kiyak, who have lived in Athens for 26 years, are busy spreading the word about what LegalShield plans have to offer for families, small businesses (with fewer than 100 employees), home-based businesses and commercial drivers. Pam told me that it was one of their sons that introduced them to LegalShield, which led them to become first satisfied customers, and then independent associates.

Pam also mentioned that most folks are not aware that the average person is “more likely to end up with a legal issue needing the services of a lawyer, than they are to need medical services in a hospital.” And, for as little as $17 a month for a Standard Family Plan, you can have access to lawyers for consultation on an unlimited number of personal or business matters, as well as a wide variety of other legal services.* Customers essentially are looking at spending $200-$300 a year, as opposed to $200-$300 an hour.

The Small Business plans offered through LegalShield not only help the business legally, but also include various other services and business consultation through Fran Tarkenton’s company GoSmallBiz.* There are also plans for commercial drivers (which is of particular interest to me because my husband is an owner/operator of a truck,) and an Identity Theft Shield plan administered through Kroll Advisory Solutions. Many of these plans can be offered as an employee group benefit. The plans cost a company nothing, but employees can sign-up when Pam and Greg present the plans in a group setting. Pam thinks that “happier, less stressed employees can be much more productive when they aren’t thinking about how to solve their personal legal or identity theft issues on their own.”

One of small business’s most famous spokespersons is Football Hall of Fame legend Fran Tarkenton, who played for the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants. Fran has gone on to become a highly successful businessman, and is the founder of several companies, including GoSmallBiz which together with LegalShield provide the Small Business Plan. He understands both the need and the value of the plan for small business owners, especially in the litigious environment of today. Small business owners especially need these services to stay up-to-date on all the changes in laws that affect them.

Legal ShieldPam told me further, “I enjoy doing this business because I enjoy helping others. I see that the legal plans can help people save money on legal issues as well as giving them peace of mind knowing they can get legal advice and assistance on a wide variety of issues that they encounter in their daily lives.” She continued, “There are so many issues that people should be consulting a lawyer about, but fail to do so due to cost concerns.”

Pam likes the fact that working the LegalShield business is flexible, and she and Greg can work it around their family’s schedules. This is an excellent home-based business to get involved with and it offers some great tax benefits.

Give the Kiyaks a call at 256-232-6560 or you can check out the details, sign up for the plans or get more information about becoming an independent associate on their website at

*Please contact the Kiyaks to see contracts for actual terms, coverage, amounts, conditions and exclusions.
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

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