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4-19-2013 2-49-15 PMIn our multiple generation workplaces it is pretty funny to listen to the comments that come from co-workers – younger and older. As the older ones make a reference, the younger ones scrunch up their eyebrows and turn their head to the side and say, “Really?” And as the younger ones make a reference, the older ones say with surprise, “What are you talking about?” Sometimes the references we use to explain what we need might as well be the recipe for Kryptonite to the other person.

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In 2002, Ron Nief and Tom McBride wrote a book called The Mindset List that looks at ten generations, from the time of their grandparents, born about 1880, to a speculative look at the world that awaits a generation born two years ago. The book is published by John Wiley and Sons Publishing, and is available at the Turtle Creek Beloit College Bookstore. (http://themindsetlist.com/)

5-17-2013 5-20-53 PM“A rewarding aspect of the annual Mindset List is the way in which it has prompted conversation, in the classroom, at conferences and in the media,” Nief adds. “We hope the book will do the same thing, particularly among generations in the same family. We anticipate multiple generations of families gathering once again at the breakfast or dinner table to talk about what people did before remote controls, voice mail, and touchtone phones. We may revolutionize mealtime and bring back Tang and Ovaltine.” (http://themindsetlist.com/book/)

I love to look at the lists in this book. They are definitely a conversation starter. For example, the 2013 list says, “If the entering college class of 2013 had been more alert back in 1991 when most of them were born, they would now be experiencing a severe case of déjà vu. The headlines that year railed about government interventions, bailouts, bad loans, unemployment and greater regulation of the finance industry. The Tonight Show changed hosts for the first time in decades, and the nation asked “was Iraq worth a war?” (http://themindsetlist.com/lists/2013-list/)

In the workplace or the classroom, knowing how to make references that are understood helps get the job done. One of the new online classes that we offer at the Center for Lifelong Learning talks about generations in the workplace. The Business Coaching Certificate is a two month course on Mentoring and Coaching. Mentoring and coaching have come to be used more frequently in organizations to improve leadership competencies and provide employee support. It has benefits for the employer and employee. Part One of the Coaching Certificate is offered June 3-28. Part Two of the Coaching Certificate is offered July 1-26. The course is only $245 for this valuable skill. You can register online or you can call us at 256-233-8260 to register today.

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By: Wanda Campbell

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