KALB Our Christmas Gift to You

Thank You
The staff at Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful want you to know that you are appreciated!

Lynne HartWe ask a lot of you all year long:

  • Please don’t litter
  • Please recycle
  • Please volunteer
  • Please donate
  • Please participate in our fundraisers
  • Please help us make our communities better

And it goes on and on.

Many of you answer our call. You recycle. You volunteer. You don’t litter. You donate and support our work. You read our newsletters and articles (well, you ARE reading this one!) . You invite us into your classrooms or to speak to your groups. You tell others.

KALBSo during this season of Christmas, we want to give YOU a gift…OUR SINCERE APPRECIATION. Thank you from the bottom of our red and GREEN hearts! Without you, the work that we do would be fruitless. The time we spend educating would be meaningless. Wishes would never become realities. It is YOU who make our world a better place. THANK YOU!

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