James Curtis Turner For Limestone County Commission, District Three

8-15-2014 4-55-14 PMThis is the second of four pieces that will appear once a month until the November 2014 election, and will discuss some of the concerns and goals James Curtis Turner has for his district in Limestone County.

He has made a point over the years of making himself familiar with what goes on in the county and how to make it run smoothly. He is a faithful attendee of County and Athens City Council meetings, asks lots of questions, is familiar with the budget, and is an excellent listener. He brings to the election season decades of experience dealing with critical functions in a nuclear plant, being responsible literally for the safety of the lives of millions.

One of his concerns, even though he is not running for a position on the School Board, is bullying. He has kids and grandkids, and the idea that kids (and even their parents) engage in behavior that can contribute to a child choosing to take their own life because of something that has been sent into cyber-space is untenable. “The kids learn by example,” he said, and lays the blame for what they are allowed to do at the feet of the parents.

He applies his distaste for bullying to politics as well. “I’m here to win, but if I have to win by convincing a child that bullying is the way, winning is not worth it,” he told me. “I’d prefer to run on a Christian premise,” he said. If James Curtis Turner sounds like someone you would like to have as part of the Limestone County Commission, then he would appreciate your vote in November.
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

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