James Curtis Turner For Limestone County Commission District Three

Note: This is the fourth of four pieces that will be published up until the November 2014 election, and will discuss some of the concerns and goals James Curtis Turner has for his district in Limestone County. He has made a point over the years of making himself familiar with what goes on in the county and how to make it run smoothly. He is a faithful attendee of County and Athens City Council meetings, asks lots of questions, is familiar with the budget, and is an excellent listener. He brings to the election season decades of experience dealing with critical functions in a nuclear plant, being responsible literally for the safety of the lives of millions.

10-17-2014 3-20-35 PMDistrict 3 in Limestone County is the location of the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant, and it is the district in which James lives. He understands the need to educate citizens of District 3, as well as all of Limestone County, in regard to nuclear safety, and what to do in the event of a nuclear accident. One thing would be to make sure that the evacuation signage is clear and readable, and that people know what to do. Given the fact that we have just had another round of damaging storms, it is all the more important to him that we have an adequate number of storm shelters, not only in District 3, but throughout Limestone County.

We talked about the things that are important, in and out of office, and without hesitation he said, “Be a person of your word. Your word is your bond.” He would appreciate your vote on November 4th.
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

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