It’s Shaping Up To Be A Pom-Pom Day!

2014-06-21_15-21-15Not to boast and definitely not because I want to scream team “ME” to the whole world, but sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader in the world of work. It’s a new business mindset and organizations say this is what it will take to get you noticed and considered worthy of the next step on your career ladder. In years past, we were taught to work hard and it will all pay off. I still believe it will. We were told don’t shine your light, just let your light shine. Fast Forward 2O years and the playbook has changed. I am not telling you to be that person we all know oh-so-well who toots their horn, is that artful fast talker and gets everyone’s attention while absolutely saying nothing of value- all talk and no real action. No, no, that is not the team “ME” Cheerleader that I speak of. Listen up: you are with YOU all day and AUTHENTIC self-appreciation, positive affirmation, and love for yourself should be a daily routine.

The “World of Work” can be a very harsh place at times and we constantly observe actions that lead us to believe that we are not good enough, not the right fit, or need to be fixed in some form or fashion. We live in a draining society and there will always be someone competing against you or trying to break your spirit. The “haters” they are called, but don’t be ashamed to say out loud “I love me, get used to it.” Why shouldn’t you be your biggest genuine cheerleader? When we start with ourselves, then we have so much more to give and share with others around us so don’t forget to pack your pom-poms and most of all, your self-motivation.


Career Playbook- Cheerleading 101 Tips for Success:
1. Credit for what you do: Take it and accept it, don’t down play your expertise!
2. You said “Oh that was nothing.” Erase that phrase from your vocabulary. It was something and yes you did it. Thank them for the acknowledgement without minimizing your time and actions.
3. Celebrate your successes. Pat yourself on the back. You have permission to buy your own flowers.
4. Know what’s happening in your industry. Build your internal and external networks.
5. Plan for that upcoming performance review. Keep a journal of your successes and accomplishments throughout the year and send a copy to your boss to add to your personnel file (it’s just a friendly reminder that you value your work).
6. Look for opportunities beyond your desk. Put your knowledge on the road and speak at conferences in your area of expertise.
7. Set your own benchmarks to measure your success
8. When someone compliments you, breathe, let it in and say “thank you.” No need to discount it your worth!

Until Next Time, Be Sincere, Kind and Intentional
Jackie Warner, Community Outreach Specialist