IT DataWise, Inc. Has A New Home In Downtown Athens

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IT DataWise,Inc./PT Technologies has recently moved from their former location on Hwy 72 near Hine Street to downtown Athens. “Business has been good,” said company President Phillip Templeton, “and we have been able to move to the former office of Pepper and Johnstone Insurance.” The new IT DataWise office address is 120 N. Marion St. in Athens, and Pepper and Johnstone’s new location is at the corner of Marion and Market Street. Recently Mayor Marks told me that there is an interesting phenomenon occurring in the IT business world as it relates to our city. Several small, well established IT/Systems businesses have moved to offices on or near the Square, and IT Data Wise/ PT Technologies is the latest to make such a move. Phillip told me that because each IT related business has such a specific market niche, they aren’t really competitors, and IT DataWise has been warmly welcomed to its new location.

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I asked him what the change in location has meant to him and his crew, and he said, “The best thing is that, seeing as many of our customers are located right here, we can literally walk over there in 5 minutes to do on-site work.” He very much enjoys being able to give immediate assistance to his customers in-person or remotely whenever possible. The actual layout of the new location is also helpful, as his tech team each has their own office and can focus completely on taking care of the customer.

Much of what Phillip’s company does, however, is accomplished right from their offices, and they make a point of being available 24/7 for any and all systems needs and emergencies, whether the problems are around the corner or in far flung places. Phillip has always had a heart for being able to be of help to small and mid-size businesses, and many of his clients are just that. Most of his larger accounts are part of the medical industry. Here is some of what IT DataWise, Inc. can provide for companies of all sizes:
• Assistance with hardware installation
• Servers/Workstations and other hardware
• Design and configuration of computer networks
• Software training and support
• Tech support for a variety of systems
• An all-inclusive rate for IT services or hourly billing
• Help with compliance issues
• Project consulting and implementation
• Hosting for applications, servers and entire infrastructures
• Business continuity/Disaster recovery services
• They still accept walk-in customers for computer repair
• They specialize in medical IT systems/support

Technology is constantly changing – and so are your business requirements. It’s nearly impossible for just one person to handle all the IT management and tech support needs of a small business, but hiring a full team of on staff technology professionals is cost prohibitive. So why not have the IT DataWise team of IT skill sets at your disposal without the payroll expense? In addition, IT DataWise support services deliver the tech support and experience you need to keep your business operating. In some cases, their skilled professionals can work with you over the phone and Internet to answer questions, assess problems, and remotely access your system to tackle any technical difficulties. If not, they will send their technicians to your location right away to get your business running smoothly again. “We are based in downtown Athens, and radiate out,” said Phillip. Then he added, “If you’re in North Alabama or Southern Tennessee, we can make it happen.”

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Here’s something to think about: if your business unexpectedly lost all access to its data and IT systems, would you be prepared and able to operate? IT DataWise offers a solution to this scary (but very real) possibility – complete disaster recovery and business continuity services for small and mid-size businesses in the Valley. They provide a secure way to safeguard your important business data from loss due to hackers, natural disasters, system errors, and more with their specially-designed data backup and recovery solutions, hosted solutions, and hybrid solutions that utilize both. It’s not enough to have backup data at your location – if your office was ruined or destroyed, your backup would almost certainly be gone as well. With a backup copy located safely off-site, your business could still access data even if your physical location was totally lost. While this predicament might not seem likely, there are a lot of other threats to your data, such as hackers and network crashes, which might bring production to a halt. IT DataWise is skilled in both protecting you, and getting your system restored and back online quickly. They are also focused on helping to avoid “IT disasters” altogether whenever possible through routine maintenance and proper planning. Great care is given to resolving your situation whether you are a small business or a larger one.

11-21-2014 2-23-04 PMFinally, in order to compete in today’s business world, it’s vital for companies in the Valley to have access to the latest technology and support – but it’s increasingly challenging to monitor and manage. If you’re attempting to maintain your IT infrastructure in-house, they offer a solution: a complete managed IT services program which will supply you and your staff with the technology and assistance you need for one, low monthly fee. Alternatively, they can host and manage all or part of your infrastructure in your own private cloud.

Using the latest in managed services, on-premise, and cloud-based technologies, they’ll provide you with the hardware, service, and help you need at a price you can afford. If you don’t have to keep up with and manage IT needs in-house, you and your staff will be more productive and able to focus on activities that grow your business and keep you ahead of the competition. They offer network management, web hosting, hybrid services, and more.

That is why IT DataWise, Inc. is such a good fit for our community. They care, and they are far more than just competent. This is what they do, and who they are—IT DataWise, Inc.

120 N. Marion Street, Athens, AL, 35611
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner