Intentional Leadership To Shatter The Glass Ceiling

By: Jackie Warner

There is Leadership and then there is Intentional Leadership.

Leaders, strap on your toolbelts; it is not just for setting around in the toolbox. To assist your team in navigating beyond the glass ceiling, you must be a leader who has learned to use your tools appropriately. A hammer doesn’t work for every situation.
Intentional Leadership requires the following:

1. Know your people – Understand who is on your team. Seek to understand what they want and need. You will use the wrong tools if you don’t first understand what is required for who you have on your team.
2. Be a trailblazer – Learn how to remove the barriers for your employees. Get up and out of the office chair. Using the right tool works wonders on entry points. Determine if the door is locked or just stuck?
3. Delegate responsibilities – Stop hogging opportunities for yourself; teach your team. There is no growth if nothing is planted.
4. Influence – It’s about influence not your position. Positional leadership may get you temporary action with your employees, but influence will last long after they leave your team — a lifetime.
5. Presence and feedback – Check in with your team and let them know you are there, and provide authentic feedback.
6. Continuously check yourself – Conduct a personal inventory often. Sharpen your saw so that when your employees need you to use them, your tools will be ready.

Until Next Time, Be Sincere, Kind and Intentional
Jackie Warner, Community Outreach Specialist
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