In Need Of A Steeple Standing Strong

By: D. A. Slinkard

The world has changed greatly because we have compromised our values. This could not be any plainer or any truer. We have turned our convictions aside in order not to offend anyone, and in doing so, we have lost our moral compass. I say that because we live in a time when if a Christian takes a stand for what the Bible deems as immorally corrupt or filthy, they are seen as a religious zealot or nut job. It saddens me that we live in a world that tries to glorify man more than glorify God Almighty; yet too few Christians will stand up for what they believe in.

This ideology has created a soft generation of Christians, and with each passing day, we are getting softer by the minute. We allow just an inch of compromise into our lives, and in doing so, we lose an entire mile. You can merely look towards abortion and the fact that over 50 million babies have been killed since Roe V. Wade back in the 1960s. This number needs to be written out so the reader can see the magnitude of what 50,000,000 murders looks like. That is 7 zeros in that number, yet people want to talk about how bad Adolph Hitler was. America has become much more of a killing monster than Hitler thought about being; but yet, we do not like to realize our own shortcomings as a murderous country.

Our life goes back to compromise; at what point do you say enough is enough? When do you say, “We are not moving any further away on this topic anymore”? Truth is we, as Christians, keep giving in and allowing others to have more of a say because we try to be the “Good Christian” and keep our mouth shut. It is time we wake up. I do not understand how any professing Christian could even fathom voting for someone who is Pro-Choice, because dressing the words up by saying it is a choice does not alleviate the fact it is the right to choose whether or not to kill an innocent baby.

I honestly try to stay out of politics with this column, and my intent is to put a positive mental thought process with the readers to be able to have an impact on society. I can positively say we need to stop compromising on God’s Word. It is high time we pick our convictions and then we stick to them. You may be thinking to yourself, “But I go to church every Sunday morning, and I pass a few bucks in the offering plate each week”… I am here to tell you that is not enough.

We live in a society in which we are trained not to care what others do as long as it does not bother us. I can remember as a small child hearing adults say this, and I thought this was the right way of thinking. The thought process of, “I don’t care what others do in their own home as long as it does not impact me,” and this way of thinking has given us the moral corruption we have in society today. I oftentimes refer to the Bible and try to use God’s Word as the Final Authority in my life. I am not perfect in this, and I am learning and growing every day, but I hope this article inspires you to do the same with God’s Word. It is my earnest hope that you too will take a stand, dive into reading the Bible, seek God, and see what personal convictions you need to take a stand upon.

When we stop taking a stand, we lose out on issues. It is extremely hard to reverse what has already been undone, but all things are possible with God. Not too long ago, I heard a song by the musical group The Wylers on Wheels which said, “Many people say the Church should move on, change their standards, maybe not stand so strong. They say just get the people in the door; the way you do it doesn’t matter anymore.” This song is exactly what many people are saying but it also goes on to say, “It’s a world full of people in need of a steeple. A steeple standing strong. No matter the size, there is no need to compromise because we are a world in need of a steeple standing strong.”
By: D.A. Slinkard
D.A. Slinkard is the manager of the Athens Staples store<