Impacting The Oral Health Of Alabama’s Children

10-19-2013 11-52-53 AMSarrell Dental is a non-profit in Alabama which treats children with Medicaid or ALLKids insurance. Founded in 2004, Sarrell Dental has grown to encompass 14 offices throughout the state along with a mobile dental bus which travels to schools across Alabama.

Since opening, Sarrell Dental has treated over 400,000 patients and has been nationally acknowledged for pioneering new methods as an oral health care provider in the non-profit realm. While many non-profits have difficulty sustaining over long periods of time due to lack of donations or volunteer efforts, Sarrell Dental has proven that a self-sustaining non-profit is a reality.

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With no long term debt and over 200 employees, Sarrell Dental has taken dentistry to the next level – achieving a functional business model which is focused on treating the underserved. In addition, the Sarrell model has actually lowered the cost of care for the government. A prime example of this is Sarrell Dental’s reimbursement rate per patient in 2005, which was $328. In 2012, their reimbursement rate had dropped to $125 per patient. This proves that Sarrell Dental has had a significant impact in the oral health of Alabama’s children.

With the impact Sarrell Dental has had in the oral health sector, they have received national attention from PBS Frontline and The Center for Public Integrity in the documentary “Dollars for Dentists.” Sarrell Dental was also recently recognized in the Ashoka Changemakers Transforming Health Systems: Game Changing Business Models in which they won second place out of this worldwide competition.

While Sarrell Dental is proud of their proven business model, they are more proud of what it has resulted in – the ability to treat children on a larger scale and have a lasting impact on the oral health of Alabama’s children.
By: Brandi Parris, Sarrell Dental

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