I Did Not Sign Up For This!

2014-02-22_16-13-33We all come to this earth with a purpose unknown to us in many ways, but it is definitely there without a doubt for us to accomplish. Often we catch ourselves saying, “I didn’t sign up for this” and “Why me?” Actually you were signed up and didn’t even know it. The things we encounter in this life are not totally by accident. I will say it again! The things we encounter in this life are not entirely accident. It is what we choose to do next that ultimately makes the difference in the fulfillment of our purpose. My actions and your actions in times of trouble, pain, and sorrow are what determine the depth of our strength.


There is a story of a man I would like to share with you. He strived to do right, prayed to the Lord daily and kept himself from the evils of this world just as many of you do in your lives. One day he received word that there had been a major devastation and all ten of his children had been killed, seven sons and three daughters. Imagine how he must have felt. Not one child, not even two of his children but all ten were now dead.

Truly he must have thought “I did not sign up for this to happen in my life!” At such a terrible, devastating, and sorrowful moment his next move, many would say, was unique and truly different from how our society today deals with matters of distress and hurt.

The actions he took after receiving this news should encourage us when we are faced with despair, pain, and suffering to know that we are not in control. When he was told the horrible news about the loss of all his children, he fell down (yes, he fell down) and worshipped saying “I came into this world naked and naked shall I return. The Lord gives and he takes. Blessed be His Name.”

Would this have been your response? For many the answer would be no, but I challenge you to think about all the things in your life that you have dealt with or are dealing with. Loss of a loved one, stress on your job, divorce, heartache, sickness, family troubles, disobedient children, unemployment, cheating spouse… Whatever it is or whatever it was, allow your next actions to be strengthened by what the man in this story decided to do. The man I speak of was Job. I only shared with you the loss of his children. He lost so much more, but chose to fall and worship. (Job Chapter 1)

As I close today, I would like to leave you with this verse: Job 22:21 “Acquaint now thyself with Him, and be at peace; thereby good shall come unto thee.”
Until Next Time, Be Sincere, Kind and Intentional
Jackie Warner, Community Outreach Specialist
Email: thebridge.us@gmail.com