Human Engineering The Future Of Health Care

By: Roy Williams

At NEWtritional Health Care, Herbs & More, and NHC Herb Shop, 2020 is truly an exciting time because of where we are headed. Our goal has always been to “Make America Healthy One Person At A Time.”

It is not your doctor’s responsibility to prevent disease. It is not the nurse’s responsibility to make sure you are healthy. It is not the pharmaceutical companies’ responsibility to cure disease.

When Americans take responsibility for their own health and know the truth about the human body’s ability to prevent disease and heal, we as a nation will experience less disease. Taking responsibility for your health and making the logical decisions to remain healthy will, over time, reduce the cost of health care by billions of dollars annually. Recognizing that the only thing the pharmaceutical companies have to offer is to make you more comfortable while you continue in the disease process will set you free to make better decisions.

In the year 2020, we will be sharing more of the truth about health and prevention of disease with you. We are calling it Human Engineering, and the possibilities are endless. Your body already has the ability to remain healthy and to repair itself when it is damaged or diseased.

Let me go on to stress, no synthetic drug will prevent or reverse disease. They are totally designed to treat symptoms of disease. Not one cell in the human body is dependent on synthetic drugs for survival.

For your body to prevent disease, you must have a healthy immune system and the nutrients necessary to continually manufacture healthy cells. The same is true for healing and reversal of disease.

Please do not allow anyone to convince you that if we continue to throw more and more money and research toward the modern-day healthcare system, they will eventually solve all our health problems. Remember, the only way to solve any problem is to stop the cause of the problem. They have no interest in prevention at all. There is simply no money in it for them.

Our future as a nation depends on we, the people, knowing the truth then acting on it. Over the next 12 months, we are going to introduce a Human Engineering program that is relatively easy, takes less time than anything we have seen before, and is so cost effective that almost everyone will be able to afford it.

Best of all, the Human Engineering we are talking about is working with the human body and allowing it to do what God designed it to do in the first place. When God made humans, the original design would have lasted indefinitely. As we moved away from the original design, our bodies became less efficient and more prone to break down.

For example, it is a well-known fact that the human body remains stronger, more flexible, and has fewer breakdowns when we are active. Even the brain works better and is more efficient when the body is active.

Our society has been moving away from physical activity for decades, and as a result, we are suffering from obesity, weaker bones, poorer coordination, weaker circulatory systems, toxic buildup, lymphatic disorders, and softer muscles.

It’s all about adaptation, which is what our body is programed to do. Stress a muscle group on a regular basis and it doesn’t take long for that muscle group to become bigger and stronger. That’s adaptation.

The same is true in reverse. When you sit at a desk or behind a computer screen for hours a day and become less active, your body will naturally develop weaker and smaller muscles. That’s adaptation.

What is really happening is a disconnection. Ever heard the saying that if you don’t use it you will lose it? It is true whether you are talking about muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, circulation, nervous systems or mental agility.

Even the immune system is programed to be as strong or as weak as is necessary. When you take too many antibiotics, your immune system becomes weaker. When you take pain killers, your body will not produce its own anti-inflammatories or the hormones that can naturally ease pain.

As we introduce Human Engineering, you will see the human body become stronger, healthier, more efficient, better balanced, and even look and feel more youthful. It is truly going to be one of the most exciting and rewarding journeys in human adaptation. Let us help you make the connection.

Stay tuned for more. Your friend in health,
Roy P. Williams