How The Light Gets In – The Millennial Mind

By: Rosemary Dewar
This past year has been nothing short of a whirlwind, and all that has been highlighted by culture itself is desperation and the grotesque. The tenets of nature’s law seem weakened even though they are holding as true as they always have. The dark will continue to darken; however the light can only grow more brilliant. The principles of morality are akin to the general understanding of gravity; they are universal, absolute, and unrelenting.

Similar to Newton’s third law of motion, where every action has an equal and opposite reaction; every unforgettable dark hour will be eventually be met with an hour of undeniable brilliance. Our culture has a chronic habit of focusing on what displeases the human consciousness. It seems to take additional effort to perceive positivity and wholesomeness.

Mankind is broken. It is observable that humans do not consistently make decisions that have beneficial outcomes. Hopefully the moral standards of the society assist in curbing disaster and dread. When the standard fails to withstand damage, what manifests? The gravity of morality strains society until it eventually cracks the shell that it has built up around itself. That frail veneer that blotted out the light systematically falls apart.

When a crack in a structure reveals itself, that which is outside cannot help but pierce what inhabits the inside. The air and the light begin to permeate what is barricaded within. As pressure mounts, the crack stretches across the structure until it collapses. Then, you are exposed, broken, and forced to create equilibrium with what was forcefully kept out.

Structure is still an essential, and you can’t make it out of what just failed to protect you. A binding agent to re-fortify the defense must be made of something valuable and resilient.

A repairing technique called ‘golden joinery’ is a process of using precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum to restore broken pottery. It is most interesting that an object has the potential to become more valuable after once being damaged.

Much as it is with a person; they may make mistakes. They may even cause great harm. Additionally, should one break under the weight of ethics, what one determines to repair themselves with is just as vital. As for society, it breaks under the weight of its rebellion. When it chooses unwisely, it cannot help but fail and crack again.

Experience, turmoil, and responsibility break everyone on some level. While broken, you get to see what you have made yourself to be. The quandary is, what are you going to use to pick yourself back up with? Will what you use be easily tampered with and unsustainable, or will it be something of intrinsic worth that can stand the test of time?

Brokenness can be a stunning place to start. Once the light is let in and that atmosphere is aired out, an extravagant confidence can be rebuilt.

As we enter the season of lights, let’s be aware of the darkness that is broken by the things that hold the greatest value to us. The very thing that we need the most is sometimes that which will humble. Once the pressure is lifted, we will mend each other with the most precious substance that sustains us. Whether it is your faith, love, or morals, find what will reinforce your value, and do not squander what will bring the greatest return.

Let it catch the light.
By: Rosemary Dewar