How Secure Do You Really Feel in Today’s World?

2014-03-21_14-35-45In this country, we have so many police organizations they trip over each other, yet our streets don’t seem any safer. What is going on? We have a government that can’t be trusted to tell us the truth. It seems the “government for the people, by the people” has changed to the government by the government. People do not actually elect the president, (the Electoral College of Congress does,) so the party with the most electoral votes wins.


We are a culture that makes excuses; our students are graduating from high school and college, yet still cannot make change or communicate coherently. Therefore, we blame the teachers or the school board, yet nothing changes. Now the schools want to be able to opt out of core curriculum.

Our police are at the mercy of lawyers. They make an arrest and before we know it the person is back out on street. The criminal element realizes that the court system is on their side. It amazes me that when there is a crime committed, witnessed, and even caught on video, the more heinous it is the more we drag out the court case. I believe that way people can get there 15 minutes of fame on the big screen TV. Justice is secondary.


Really, we as a people deserve to be safe and secure in this Unites states. We should believe that the government is looking out for the common person. That is not the way it is coming across. We have the NSA (National Security Agency), the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Homeland Security, the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), Federal Police, Capitol Police, State Police, City Police, County Police, Sheriff’s Department, (and the list goes on and on), and we still have problems with crime.

One answer is to start putting more surveillance cameras throughout cities, and now there is talk about using drones. Where is this all going? Is this all for our safety or is the common person being watched? Remember the book “1984?” Big Brother is already watching and the government makes it legal. The Constitution is slowly being rewritten to accommodate the whims of each new president. Explain this. We hear that crime is increasing on our streets so we blame it on guns; it has become more difficult to get guns today than 10 years ago, yet violence is increasing. So the proposed solution: more gun control. This way a responsible person will not be able to have a gun but the criminals will. Of course, the more responsible element will register their firearm, but criminals will not.

2014-03-21_14-36-09It bothers me that the people of this country really do not have a say when Government decides to pass a law forcing it on the American people (Obama Care is one example). If you do not sign up for health insurance, the IRS will punish you by making you pay a fine. I do not feel safe hearing this. I have no control over my own health or finances.

We as a country have lost our place in the schoolyard. We have been and still are being bullied by other countries knowing that we as a nation don’t stand up for what we used to believe in, that all men are not treated equally. We have always made a stand for those oppressed. That is what has made this country strong and respected. As a nation, we are now the oppressed. To feel secure and safe you would hope that the government would be aware of the burden it puts on the people of the United States when it decides to spend money it does not have, the answer is tax the people. I really love this country there are good hard-working people here but I believe the road we are traveling is going to be very costly to both our safety and personal security.
As always, stay safe and aware.
By: Jim Doyle, owner of Madison Security Group
203 US Highway 31 S, Athens, Al 35611