Hot! Hot! Honey Pot! – Labor Day Barrel Race

8-15-2013 4-46-33 PMThe first Annual Honey Pot Summer 5D Jackpot will be held Labor Day, September 2, 2013. The crowd is expected to be large because the “Prize Pot” will be sizzling! The action will start at 2:00 pm at the Limestone Sheriff’s Rodeo Arena in Athens, AL. The age groups will range from under 12 years old to, well let’s just say maturity will not prohibit your participation.

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Barrel Racing is a sport where the competitors train for hours upon hours in hopes that their racing time is less than 15 seconds. In the Rodeo world, the competition is exclusively reserved for the girls, but outside the Rodeo world the competition is open to male and female alike. In my opinion, one of the best things about barrel racing is the community that it has created. The barrel racing community is one of the most family friendly environments that I have ever been around and it is not unusual to see a family of four and 2-4 members of the family are involved in racing at the same event. Every barrel race is a great opportunity to learn together as a family, and many times just sitting and watching how different riders interact with their horse is an education beyond what words can describe.

There are experts and there are novices, and the barrel racing community is quick to embrace any novice that is willing to learn. When you show up to any barrel race where 100-200 horses are competing, you can rest assured that the years of experience that reside inside the arena area are many, and the knowledge that is represented is vast.

8-15-2013 4-47-35 PMThis Labor Day is the first annual Honey Pot Summer 5D Jackpot. The race is being hosted by two Athens locals, Stephanie Lester and Andy Blalock. Stephanie is no stranger to the Sheriff’s Arena. She has been barrel racing at this arena since she was 9 years old. She has a wealth of information, and is a major inspiration for the young barrel racers. Stephanie trains horses as well as riders, and within the next month or two you will be able to board your horse at her new barn. This is a girl that loves her barrel racing. Andy is co-owner of Grassland Farms, located on Airport Rd, just minutes north of downtown Athens. Andy also trains horses, gives riding lessons, and offers horse boarding.

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Athens is blessed to have young entrepreneurial minded talent like Stephanie and Andy. It takes a lot of work to put on an event like a barrel race. This particular barrel race will have $2000 added to the prize money. There will be 5 Trophy Buckets and 7 events, with one water balloon fight!

The events will be as follows:

2 pm – Exhibition Barrels: $5 each.

6:30 pm – 2D Pee Wee Barrels (12 and under) $40.

Open 5D Barrels $2000 added: $50.

2D Futurity Side Pot (1 second split) $25.

5D Youth Side Pot (18 and under) $20.

5D Adult Side Pot (19 and over) $20.

Open 5D Barrel Insurance $5 per horse.

Water Balloon Fight!

Does this sound refreshing? Well if you want to be in the most awesome water balloon fight in Limestone County on Labor Day, then just bring your horse and forget your saddle. That’s right cowboys and cowgirls, this is a $100 water balloon fight that will be conducted on a bareback horse! Sound like fun? Then come on out to the Sheriff’s Rodeo Arena and see how it works out for you.

Contact the following for registration information:

Andy Blalock, 931-722-0968, Stephanie Lester, 256-874-0246, Lindsey Calton, 931-332-4956, or Kelli Bullion James, 256-221-8704. See you at the Honey Pot Summer 5D Jackpot!
By: Wayne Huff

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