Horse Whispering – Respect

5-17-2013 6-46-56 PMThe fog was so dense that school was delayed for two hours, and travel was risky for the group that was coming out for a scheduled “round pen” session. Whenever I do a round pen, I bring a horse out into the pen, (which is like a portable metal corral,) and teach a life lesson.

The fog had lifted some, but it was still hazy. The group arrived safely, came into the yard, and set up their chairs outside of the pen. I discussed some logistics with them, and then brought in a mare by the name of Annie. Annie came from a bloodline that was “hot,” i.e. somewhat nervous, and prone to much for ward motion. The mare had been ridden on trail rides, turned loose in open fields to run, run, run, and had a mind-set of run, run, run! Seeing as she was the alpha horse of her present herd, she knew how to take over in any situation.

5-17-2013 6-46-43 PMMy goal this day was to develop a relationship of respect. First I needed to give respect, then I expected and would demand respect from this strong-willed mare. My plan of action was to turn the horse loose in the round pen without any tack. I held in my hand a lasso. Annie was familiar with longeing, and knew how to go around and around in circles with a halter on and a chain over her nose. But I wanted an “inside connection.”

Using body language, I sent her to the rail. I would ask for a transition, and simply desired for her to go a different direction. Each time I requested a transition, Annie always turned her hind quarters to me when she changed direction. Thus each of us inside and outside the round pen entered into the “classroom of respect.” I explained
to the group that all I wanted her to do was face me when she changed direction.

5-17-2013 6-46-26 PMTime after time I would draw her to me, but she would choose to turn away from me, face the rail and go on from there. The entire group was engaged in the session, rooting for her to
“get it.” Annie had much potential, but to develop it a shift needed to take place inside her mind. This very change was what I was going for with everything in me!

Then it happened! She “got it,” and during the transition when she faced me for the first time, the sun broke through the haze with brilliance. Every one of us, whether we were applauding or smiling from ear to ear, stood in awe of the timing of this moment!

Months later I received a letter from one who was in this session. There had been a misunderstanding between her and one of her friends that had the potential of ending a friendship. This session gave her the tools to face her friend and be reconciled!

A whisper from a horse can change how we relate to our “NEIGH” bor!
Your NEIGHbor,
Deb Kitchenmaster
Corral Connections:
Connecting with LIFE
through a horse
Animal B.E.S.T practitioner

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