Horse Whispering – Nature’s Conspiracy

2-20-2015 1-29-57 PMWhat “bundle up” days we are having here in the Valley! Layers are welcomed. Having lived in Minnesota for twenty years I understand cold, layers, and fields of white. Here in the South, we experience a season where the white fields are white with cotton. In the North we experience a season (sometimes longer than not) where the white fields are white with snow. Isn’t it interesting that the field of cotton can be woven into something that protects you from the field of snow?

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So, what is a conspiracy? Simply, it’s a plot, scheme or plan. Last month I wrote about the importance of having a plan for your horse, yourself, and your connections as we enter into a new year. The dimensional quality of the root word, “conspire” is like a 2-edged sword, meaning, yours can be an experience of “working together” OR “working against.” What you are experiencing is mirroring your relationship, whether it is with a horse or a human. The hope is to bring a unity. To join, fuse, and bond together. Connect.

Nature is made to conspire with spirit to emancipate us. -Ralph Waldo Emerson
“Nature’s Conspiracy” is a connection with your true self to liberate you, to set you free, to release you, to free you, to untie you, to unshackle you, to unfetter you, and to let you go from what has you on a leash.

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In the book of Job, (35:11) we see that God sets out the entire creation as a science classroom, using birds and beasts to teach wisdom. What about the invitation to look at an ant? Being instructed to watch the ant closely, letting it teach you a thing or two. (Proverbs 6:6)

One of the beasts is the horse. Horses are wonderful teachers in the classroom of life, self-discovery and how much you are loved perfectly and unfailingly by your Heavenly Father. What makes them such great teachers and revealers? Their intuitive nature and their ability to evoke emotion in humans are their credentials. Horses mirror an illumination without glare our struggles without judgment. Horses are skilled at revealing “pieces of trauma that our unconscious mind hides.”

A woman called and scheduled some sessions at CORRAL CONNECTIONS. On our third session, I noticed the mare she was leading was walking as if her left hip was out. Being an Animal B.E.S.T. practitioner, I knew the horse was not “off.” After a few moments and “the look” from the mare, I realized I was present in an illuminating, revealing moment for the handler. The horse having done its part, illuminating /revealing, it was time for me to do my part, ask questions. I simply asked her to talk to me about her left side. A memory of a car accident surfaced from her unconscious mind. Though surgery had been successful and there was no visible evidence, her body was carrying some related trauma. The horse revealed this trauma and she was set free! That’s one snapshot of what it looks like to work together! Nature’s Conspiracy!

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One more snapshot from Nature’s Conspiracy album. On an ordinary day, a woman was coming out to talk about insurance. Her teenage daughter had driven her to the house with an understanding of a designated time to come back. Having completed the task, three of us were visiting on the porch when her teenager turned onto our lengthy driveway. We witnessed five of our horses who were grazing in the southeast corner of our pasture in front of our house raise their heads and come running to the northwest corner where pasture and yard connects single file. As they approached the corner, their gallop slowed to a trot, and they remained in their single file positions and formed a perfect figure-eight pattern. The insurance rep asked me, “What are they doing?” My response, “I don’t have a clue.” In that moment I realized I was present in an illuminating, without glare revelation. I said, “Someone in that car must need this.” This statement evoked questions and revealed a story. I discovered that two abandoned children had been rescued by law enforcement in the Huntsville area (we were not living in the area when it came out in the news). Long story short, she had adopted those two children. They were in the car!

The figure-eight pattern is the pattern used in Animal B.E.S.T. protocol. It is to re-establish a normal neurological configuration for cross crawl, resetting internal thermostat. The horses were revealing “pieces of trauma” one more time and bringing healing.

It has been said the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a person. I agree!
Enjoying God’s Science Classroom,
Your “NEIGHbor,”
Deb Kitchenmaster