Horse Whispering – Dances With Horses

2014-05-16_14-59-01Remember the movie, “Dances With Wolves”? The dedicated soldier mounted a horse that caught his eye, changed the deadlock between two opposing parties, his wounded leg received the medical attention it needed, and one step at a time he walked into a destiny. Most likely, that wasn’t in his mind when he mounted that beautiful horse on that most challenging day!

Little did I know on that “ordinary” day when I saddled up my horse, coins jingling in a blue jean pocket (with the purpose of buying a Crème Soda and a Zero candy bar), descending from Hocking Hill, wading through a creek, smelling the curing of freshly mowed alfalfa, I would encounter intimacy with my Creator!
“Upon A Horse’s Back!” That’s what I titled this particular writing when I asked three questions in my new, living relationship with perfect, unfailing love. (1) What is love? (2) Freedom! Can it be seen? (3) Do my questions bother You?


“I like to get upon a horse’s back; running free in an open field. I feel security that I’ve lacked while riding upon that horse’s back. The wind blowing through my hair, my mind without a single care; loving to live and living to love, searching for answers from God above.”

2014-05-16_14-59-27“Love, O Lord, what does it really mean?” “Freedom, Lord. Can it be seen?” “Questions I have, answers I need, won’t you help me, LORD, please?”

“My love, My child, is a perfect thing. It makes hearts rejoice and voices sing. To prove to you My love is not a lie, I sent Jesus to earth and for you He did die; freeing you from all your sin, to let you live again. To live a life that’s worth the living, to live a life that’s full of giving. Love, My child, is giving all you have, even yourself, and don’t keep you on a shelf. Open your heart, let ME do what I want to do through you.”

“Freedom, My child, is becoming someone. Someone you thought you could never become. To live a life that’s free from fear. To live a life that’s very clear; having peace within your mind, joy all the time, having the control that you need, as you go about, planting My seed. Freedom, My child, is for you to RECEIVE! Open your heart, YES! In ME BELIEVE! The fruit will come, as I look at you, I’ll say, ‘Well done!’”

2014-05-16_14-59-40“Questions, My child, don’t bother me, for the answers I give will set you free! I just love it when you come and talk to ME, for I know you will be, who I created you to be! So come to ME, My child, every day. You need to take heed and continue to pray, for the day is coming ‘LO’ it’s at hand, when the trumpet will sound and come the SON OF MAN.”

After writing this, I heard a “new” song. It was a simple song, “I’ve got a feeling everything’s gonna be alright. Alright! Alright! Alright!” While outside one “ordinary” day with a couple of horses and my golden lab, Jubilee, this song came to my mind. I began singing this from my core; you know, that place where you find balance while riding. In the presence of only 4-legged friends, I began twirling around as I sang. One horse, Annie, walked away. She wanted no part of this song or dance. HOWEVER, a beautiful chestnut mare, (whose name means ‘great grace’) along with the dog, Jubilee, began twirling around! Seriously! Here I am in the midst of a horse and a dog and we are dancing! Please don’t share my ordinary day with anyone, okay? I just wanted to share this with you. What an amazing moment of worshipping our Creator, along with HIS creation! One horse chose not to participate, but another horse and a dog chose to!


Happy, happy May days, dear reader, and if you get the chance, “I HOPE you dance!”
Your “NEIGHbor”
Deb Kitchenmaster