Home Invasion: How Can You Protect Your Family?

9-5-2014 3-25-35 PMWatch the news, and unfortunately you hear of more home invasions. What is causing this to happen? Is it someone looking to steal from you for their drug habit? Does a person have a situation with a family member and want to harm them? No matter what the reason, it’s a scary situation. The chances are good that you will never feel safe again in the house where you and your family were violated.

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Home invasions are sometimes looked at as a burglary, not as a separate crime. They are not classified as a home invasion, and the statistics are not tracked. Normally a burglary is done during the day time when the resident is at work or school. This way burglars are not confronted and do not have to run. By contrast, a home invasion is typically done at night, when the intended target is at home. The perpetrators of a home invasion strike for different reasons: women living alone, seeking money or drugs, and this type of crime can more easily be designed to cause harm to the resident. The targeted home is most likely was scoped out for a period of time, and the invader knows exactly when they are at home. The elderly are also targeted by these people, because they know that it would be hard for the elderly to defend themselves or may be forgetful and leave an entry or garage door open. As a neighbor, try to help out with making sure they do not become a statistic, either.

8-15-2014 4-04-18 PMWhen a home invasion occurs, the invaders will have you at a disadvantage. You are in shock for a moment before you do realize that you and your family are in danger. Hopefully the invaders will ask you where the items are that they want. Give them the information, and don’t try to be the hero. This could cause a family member to get hurt. Remember, you can replace material things, but not the people in your life that you love. During the invasion, be as observant as possible. Try to remember anything that would help the police with an investigation: hair color, tattoos, scars etc. Don’t ask questions, just comply with the demands of the invaders. The people that have invaded your home are the type that would harm you or your family without much provocation.

Some homes are built with a safe room where the family can go to when there is a home invasion, but most of us don’t have that luxury. So what can a person do to try and prevent becoming a statistic?
• Install solid core locks, and window locks
• Make sure that you have your doors locked and the garage door is also secured
• Don’t open the door to strangers at night, and install a peep hole
• Install a porch light that works by motion detection
• Alert your neighbors regarding suspicious solicitors
• Install motion detector lights in the back of the house
• Have a family plan is case of such a situation

I know that I have said this before but it’s worth repeating: don’t advertise that you have made a big purchase such as a big screen TV, or a new computer system. This sends a signal to home invaders that there are items in your home that are expensive.

I believe in one of the oldest tools known to mankind to prevent an invasion, a big dog! They are still one of the most reliable security tools available. They are the best early warning alarms I can think of. They will alert you of a problem and also try to protect you, their family.
As always, stay safe and aware.
By: Jim Doyle, owner of Madison Security Group
203 Us Highway 31 S, Athens, AL 35611

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