Herbs & More’s Open House September 29 In Their ‘Forever Home’

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

On Saturday, September 29, from 10 a.m. ‘til 2 p.m., Herbs & More is going to throw a party, and if you are reading this, YOU are invited. It will have been almost a month since they moved into what co-founder Gwen Williams calls their “forever home.” If any of you are entrepreneurs, you understand the tremendous satisfaction and feeling of freedom that comes from both buying and finally being in your own digs, and Roy and Gwen Williams are no exception. So, it’s time to celebrate, and after I tell you about the beautiful building and added services, we’ll talk about the party, with the hopes that you’ll come and join in!

I spoke with Gwen about what she loves about the place that used to be the Osborne’s Jewelers building on Jefferson across from the new library. She exclaimed, “We have more space! At the other building we were kind of on top of each other, and now each service has its own room or space.” She added that now that they have more room, they can add services, something they have wanted to do for a long time.

She also just enjoys the building, and it is a wonderful combination of professional and hominess. The legendary oak table with its brightly painted press-back chairs is in a cozy alcove, and as always, there are books about health, a couple of Bibles, and magazines out for anyone interested in edifying themselves to peruse. Also in the alcove is a bookcase that fills the whole wall, and it is a library filled with everything from brand new cutting-edge nutritional information to classic works on personal development by such renowned authors as Og Mandino, and even Ted Nugent! You can come in, take a book off the shelf, sit at the table and do your own reading and research, which at the very least will serve to help you be a well-informed and better-prepared patient. It also just might provide information that changes the direction of your life. There are also anatomy flash cards and the DK Complete Visual Anatomy book by Dr. Alice Smith.

One of Herbs & More’s dreams has been to be in a position to have more educational events, and just recently they held a well-attended presentation on the health benefits of getting your body into an alkaline state. It was presented by Clinical Nutritionist Burt Goulding, Jr., who travels all over the world lecturing on health. Herbs & More is planning on having many more similar educational opportunities in the future, and they are thrilled that they have the room to do so! Here is a “high-five” from Mr. Goulding as he talked about the level of nutritional awareness of the attendees at the lecture. He had given several lectures in the TN Valley, and the Herbs & More event drew people who “asked great questions and stayed for several hours.” That speaks well of the dedication that the Herbs & More staff has to bringing added value to their customers, who are also viewed as friends and family.

What else is waiting for you? As has been the case for several years, Jason Mitchell, Licensed Massage Therapist, is taking appointments, and will be talking about his services at the party. There will be a discussion and demonstrations of BEMER energy therapies. BEMER stands for Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation, and is used by Olympic athletes, whole sports teams, the UN, and is considered a state-approved medical device in South America and Asia. It is used in 40 countries, and started in Switzerland almost 20 years ago. It is a science-backed approach that involves lying down on a mat that emits the frequencies that match those of your own body and help your body move into more balanced state. I can tell you that I took an 8-minute treatment the other day that resulted in me falling asleep and dreaming. Between the BEMER and the Whole Body Vibration Machine, after I did the Duck and Run 5K last Saturday, I came straight to Herbs & More to detox, and I did not have the post-workout soreness that one would expect in an almost 65-year-old body!

Another service is one that I also use personally, and that is the infra-red sauna unit. I battle Lyme’s disease, and between the sauna, eating clean, and taking whole-food supplements, the Lyme’s is being held at bay. I do not have many of the symptoms that have been that of fellow travelers, including anxiety, sleeplessness, headaches, achy or swollen joints, and cognitive decline. I just deal with numbness in my fingers, and I am deeply grateful. Herbs & More also offers ionic foot detox and reiki sessions. These services can be accessed through Herbs & More monthly service memberships, or individual sessions.

Other presenters at the party will be Carolyn O’Bryne. Carolyn is a fascinating woman, and is certified both as a life coach as well as hydrocolon therapist. She also understands the challenges that truckers face trying to eat healthy while out on the road, and has written a book entitled Gut Instinct. Her daughter, Dixie, has also joined the Herbs & More crew by offering the emotional coding work of Dr.Bradley Nelson, as described at www.drbradleynelson.com

Also on hand for the party will be Sam Calloway of My Greek Oil. Sam has an amazing story, having been adopted from a Greek orphanage, moving to Athens, and starting the company whose oil is superbly produced. Gwen says, “I may be Southern, but I grease my skillet with Sam’s oil to make my cornbread, it’s so smooth.” Gwen is going to use Sam’s oil to make a lemon cake for the celebration.

The food, you ask? Ahhh, that will be provided by the Hummus People. And, don’t forget that Mickey and Minnie are going to be available for pictures between noon and 1. There will be drawings, give-aways, goodie bags, and each presenter will be on board to answer questions. You simply do not want to miss the Open House Celebration at Herbs & More on September 29! See you there!
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner