Help KALB Keep Community Recycling Collection Centers Available to Everyone

By: Lynne Hart
For many years our recycling center has worked with the Limestone County Commission to place large green recycling trailers in strategic locations throughout Limestone County. We are happy to report that cardboard collection trailers have been added to most locations.

Ruby McCartney, Plant Manager of our Recycling Center, and center staff work hard to ensure that these collection centers are serviced weekly. When staff have to take the time to clean up dumped materials or rush out to service a trailer that has been reported as overflowing when it’s not, time is wasted and precious funds spent. Here are just a few things the center staff would like you to know:

• If one section of the trailer is full, check the other side. Often staff come to service a trailer and find one side overfilled with bags left on the ground, only to find that the section for this material on the opposite side of the trailer is nearly empty.
• Do not dump materials the center does not accept. When time has to be taken to clean up roofing shingles, mattresses, and other household junk, time and funds are wasted. The recycling center must haul these items back and place them in their dumpster, which is not free. The center must pay every time their dumpster is emptied. The county does not pick up the trash left at the trailers, so it becomes the task of our employees.

Please know that the schools can tell us at any time they no longer wish to have our trailers on their property. If the dumping continues (as seen in photos), then some of the county community recycling centers may have to be removed. Please don’t dump, and if you see it happening, report it. Please help us keep these community collection centers open for you.

Recycling trailers located at the following locations are for community use and are serviced by the Athens-Limestone Recycling Center on a continual basis.

• Athens Bible School
• East Limestone High School
• Cedar Hill Elementary
• East Limestone High School
• Owens Elementary
• West Limestone High School
• Elkmont High School
• Johnson Elementary
• Clements High School
• Ardmore High School
• Ardmore Police Station (no cardboard trailer)
• Piney Chapel Elementary

• Aluminum Cans
• Metal Cans
• Plastic Bottles/Containers #1 and #2 only
• Glass Jars/Bottles – all colors
• Newspaper
• Office Paper (shredded OK)
• Junk Mail, Magazines, Books/Phone Books (shredded OK)
• Cardboard (please flatten to save space)
Smaller Trailers are located at:
• Bay Hill Marina (no cardboard)
• Little Elk Missionary Baptist Church (no cardboard)
Our Athens-Limestone Recycling Center located at 15896 Lucas Ferry Rd. in Athens, accepts all of the above-mentioned items as well as the following materials on a DAILY BASIS:
• Electronics (during business hours – TVs $10 each))
• Used motor oil
• Used cooking oil

It is our mission to provide convenient places for every resident in Limestone County to recycle. We are here to serve the Limestone County community, and with your help we will do just that for many years to come.
By: Lynne Hart