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4-17-2015 9-51-27 AMWalking! Get up, let’s go! Even if you are a devoted exerciser, you may need to add a little walking to your daily routine. The sitting, sedentary culture we have in this country can be combated with a little walking. Most of us are sitting more than ever. We sit to eat, drive, shop (on-line), watch TV, read, work on computers, etc. Too much sitting has been associated with 34 chronic diseases and conditions including heart disease, back pain, diabetes, and depression. Plus it can shorten our life.

One easy solution is get up and walk. Easy peasy! No equipment and no special clothing required. Don’t want to go outside? Then walk around your house. I am definitely not saying you should give up your higher-intensity workouts such as group classes and boot camps, but to add an activity throughout your day, what could be easier than just walking.

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If you don’t want to listen to me, listen to the American Heart Association. They are suggesting walking 30 minutes each day. To start with, try 3 10-minute walking bouts. Need encouragement? Walk with a friend. Don’t want to walk outside? Walk at Wal-Mart or Lowe’s. Need to be held accountable? Then write about your walking successes on Facebook and let your friends follow those successes.
Challenge yourself when you walk. If you have a pedometer or an electronic step tracker, increase your steps each day until you reach your final goal and then maintain that number. Or walk a certain distance and time yourself. Then each time you walk, shorten your time. Add a hill or two. Add a couple of flights of steps.

Promise yourself a reward. Start a routine with a goal in mind (distance or time). Once you reach that goal, treat yourself to a new pair of shoes, funky socks, or a cool looking hat. Don’t need clothes? Sign up for a cooking class and learn to prepare more healthy meals.

Walk and relax by listening to your favorite music or download a book and listen to it. You will be amazed how time flies. Would you prefer to use you time more efficiently? Download some educational books or listen to the news. No reason to sit on your fanny to find out what is happening in the world – walk and listen. If you talk to son, daughter, mother, father, or friend on the phone, take advantage of that time too. Walk and talk.

Still have the excuse my joints hurt? Then try some water walking; a great exercise without impact or gravity.
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By: Janet Hunt
Janet Hunt is a Certified Personal Trainer and can be reached at 256-614-3530 to schedule an appointment.

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