Health & Fitness – Thank You For A Great 2014

1-3-2015 2-30-24 PMI want to thank each and every one of you that have participated in my classes or employed my services as a Certified Personal Trainer in 2014.

In 2014, I continued my Strength and Balance classes at Athens Senior Center on Hobbs Street. These classes are offered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30am to 9:15 am Students do not need to sign up or make a long-term commitment – just show up and join the fun with good music and great friends. Class is free, however donations are accepted. Some in the group have been there since I started in 2012, and others are new. In this class, as with all the fitness classes I teach, students work at their own pace. If we do something out of your comfort zone – don’t do it. This class involves standing and sitting with small weights, small balls and elastic tubing. Of course, anything we do standing can be done seated.

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In January 2014, I started a Walking (Indoors) class at Rogersville United Methodist Church. In this class, we use the indoor walking track and do strength exercises using elastic tubing. Again, this is a donation only class. We meet Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30am – 9:15am at the church’s indoor walking track.

In March 2014, I began a Cardio and Strength Class at Round Island Baptist Church on Brownsferry Road. This class was started at the request of one of my Senior Center students who requested a class closer to her home. I was willing to give it a try and guess what – it continues to grow. This class meets on Tuesday and Thursday from 10am – 11 am in the gym behind the church. This is a great class for those on the west side of Athens, and those sleepyheads who want that little extra sleep. We use weights, small balls, elastic tubing and sometimes basketball hoops. We do use chairs for some strength exercises.

In September 2014, I added Water, Fitness & Fun classes to my schedule. These are Monday and Thursday evenings at 5pm at Athens-Limestone Wellness Center. Water is a great environment for exercise if you have joint problems such as osteoarthritis. Worried about cost? The Wellness Center has lots of options: full membership, pool-only membership, and 1-day passes.

Not a group or class type person, but sometimes find yourself needing or wanting special attention? I have you covered! In 2014, I continued to train one-on-one or small groups in my home studio, outdoors at a park or walking track, or even in the client’s home. Personal training is a great way to keep yourself motivated, as well as to get a workout tailored to your special needs.

In September and October, I offered a short 3-week Lifestyle Change and Weight Management Class. This class offered students information about their current eating habits and provided alternative or new eating options that might lead to a healthier lifestyle. This class will be offered again in January and February of 2015 for 4 to 6 weeks.

For 2015, I invite you to try one or all of my classes or give me a call about personal training. If you think you have a location and a group that is interested in a class closer to home, give me a call. If none of these classes appeals to you, and you are still interested in regular exercise for 2015, there are lots of other options out there: Athens Limestone Wellness Center, Sports Fit, Lion’s Den, Fit Lab, Riviera Fitness, various outdoor Boot Camps, and other Personal Trainers in the Athens area.

If you have questions about or need suggestions for fitness for 2015, contact me at 256-614-3530 or visit my Facebook page, Janet’s Fitness.
By: Janet Hunt
Janet Hunt is a Certified Personal Trainer and can be reached at 256-614-3530 to schedule an appointment.

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