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3-5-2015 2-46-48 PMWhat is water aerobics, aqua fitness, or aqua aerobics? It is a fun workout that uses the natural resistance and buoyancy of water to provide a safe, low-impact workout. It is both fun and effective. It is suitable for all ages and various levels of fitness. A good water aerobics class will improve all the components of fitness: muscular endurance and strength, body composition, aerobic capacity, flexibility, core strength, and balance.

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Below are some of the benefits of a water aerobic workout:

• Provides a low-impact workout that will not strain your weight-bearing joints such as knees or back. For someone with joint problems due to osteoarthritis, obesity, injuries, etc., I recommend water walking or water class.
• Resistance of water ensures you will not work beyond your capability. No straining lifting heavy weights.
• Your working heart rate is lower in the water than on land when working at similar intensity levels.
• Maintains bone density. (Actually there is still some debate going on about this.)
• Works muscle groups that are sometimes neglected or more difficult to work on land. You are working against the buoyancy of water rather than gravity.
• Forces you to maintain abdominal stability during all your movements in the water, therefore water is a great choice for core and balance!
• The hydrostatic pressure improves blood circulation and helps decrease water retention.
• Usually there is little or no next-day muscle soreness after a water workout.
• Even though you sweat during a water class, you never feel sweaty.
• Water classes are fun!
• You are “hidden” by the water in case you are one of those that are self-conscious in a fitness class. Clothing for water fitness is no longer just a swimsuit. You can find water shorts, long water pants, long sleeves, jackets, etc.
• You don’t have to know how to swim. Most water aerobic classes are in shallow water unless described otherwise.
• You don’t have to get your hair wet.

Still not convinced and want more information? Contact Janet Hunt at 256-614-3530 or email at Water aerobic classes are available at Athens Limestone Wellness Center, Huntsville Hospital Wellness Centers (all locations), and YMCA’s in Madison and Huntsville.
By: Janet Hunt
Janet Hunt is a Certified Personal Trainer and can be reached at 256-614-3530 to schedule an appointment.

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