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10-19-2013 10-35-56 AMThis past weekend we had a yard sale. Every time I finish a yard sale, I say I will never do that again. But before I know what is happening, there is more junk in the closet and no more room to put the new junk in, so it is time to do another one.

Part of the fun of yard sales is going though the stuff that you want to discard. Most of the time, you just pile up your stuff, stick a price on it and let it go to its new home. But sometimes it is hard to decide to let it go.

In going though closets, I found two boxes I had not unpacked since I moved to Athens. Since I had not used the stuff in three years, it could obviously go to the yard sale. One box was of full of curtains. When you move regularly, you tend to keep curtains in case they will go with your next house. They never do! Measure, label, stick a price on it – good to go.

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The second box was full of afghans. At first I wanted to get rid of them because they have not been used in about 20 years. But. . . they were hand crafted by my children’s Great-Grandmother. You can’t give afghans made by Granny away and no one would pay the price you would put on them.

Edith Godwin was a midwife in Homerville, Georgia until she was well into her 60’s. She was one of the nicest people I ever met. She was always kind, and welcomed me into her family like I was born into it. She always made me feel like she was really glad to see me.

Her afghans were hand made with each person in mind. Mine was red because I always wore red. Ben’s was blue because he was the first born son. Shannon’s was pink – at the time everything she owned was pink. Everyone had their personal color and the design was open or tight, depending on your preference. Crocheting is a vanishing skill, but I am pleased to announce that all is not lost.

At the Center for Lifelong Learning we are bringing back the basics. We offer classes in sewing, crocheting and knitting. The next crochet basics class will be October 22-29 from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. This class will include making a chain, single and double crochet, and other basic crochet stitches. You will learn how to follow a pattern and where to find patterns on the internet. The fee is $45, which includes all supplies.

November 2nd will bring classes in Making Gingerbread Houses and a Dutch Oven Cooking Demonstration. In the Dutch Oven class, anything you can cook in your oven or crock pot, you can cook in a Dutch oven in less time. Whether you are cooking a meal or something sweet, a Dutch oven will make it taste great. Join Miles Duncan as he demonstrates Dutch oven cooking the easy way. Lunch is included in the fee.

You can get ready for the holidays in the Making Gingerbread House class. Nothing makes a more impressive centerpiece during the holidays than a homemade gingerbread house, and they are not as hard to make as they might seem. Join Suzanne Schrimsher as she puts together a gingerbread house, and shows you the tips and tricks to make it easy. Class is open to ages 11 and up. Students will take home their project. All supplies included in fee.

Learning is both easy and enjoyable at the Center for Lifelong Learning, and yes, even practical!
By: Wanda Campbell

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