Garth Lovvorn: Alfa Insurance And The Assurance Of Integrity

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A former leader of the Limestone County Habitat for Humanity, Garth Lovvorn is now a licensed insurance agent with Alfa Insurance.

“I enjoy working for people in order to help them protect the things in life that matter the most, which are family, property and their livelihood,” Lovvorn said.

Lovvorn decided to make the career change to Alfa after witnessing his friends’ experiences following the April 2011 tornadoes. There were some people who suffered emotional and material losses, and it seemed as though their insurance carriers were “missing in action,” Lovvorn said.

By contrast, Lovvorn recognized that Alfa was on the scene, ready to help policyholders.

“As soon as it was safe, Alfa had a mobile response team on the ground,” Lovvorn said. “Adjusters were on site and people were actually getting claims checks on the spot.”

Lovvorn Alfa InsuranceFor Alfa, Lovvorn said that sort of response is the norm. The company prides itself on customer service and being there for policyholders when it’s most important. Alfa is also proactive when it comes to storm preparation, hosting an online severe storm center on the company’s website to educate customers. The site provides information on the various types of severe weather, Alfa’s claims process, a property checklist for families to use before a storm and tips on how to recover after the devastation.

This dedication to customers and to providing excellent claims service is just one of many reasons Lovvorn loves working for Alfa.

“I like Alfa because their claims service is second to none,” he said. “My first priority is the person I’m working for. I go out of my way, I’m very thorough, and I always get back to people as quickly as I can.” Lovvorn describes himself as persistent, and doesn’t quit until everything is taken care of and the job is done.

He recognizes that he could not do his job well without the level of integrity and professionalism that Alfa sets forth and possesses as part of its corporate culture.

Alfa offers a variety of products and services to its customers to ensure that they are protected should a loss occur. With insurance for auto, home, life, renters, business and more, Alfa is sure to have a policy that fits most budgets and needs. And, the company offers discounts to help policyholders save money.

According to Lovvorn, one of the most important products he sells is life insurance policies. These policies protect families in the event of an unexpected death. Policyholders who purchase life insurance are getting peace of mind that they will have some financial security for their family. Alfa offers term and whole life options to help customers plan for the future.

While no one wants to think about the death of a family member or loved one, Lovvorn said he has been impressed with the care Alfa takes to pay out benefits to the bereaved.

“Alfa absolutely makes sure the family is secure and taken care of,” Lovvorn said.

Because he has seen how life insurance benefits the families left behind, Lovvorn knows that all families need this protection.

“Even the simplest of funerals can cost thousands of dollars,” he said. “Many families are not prepared for it, and they need to be.”

While Alfa is known for providing affordable products and excellent service, the company is also keeping up with technology by offering new ways for customers to interact. A new version of Alfa2Go, the company’s smart phone app, was recently released and allows customers to pay bills, view member benefits, file claims, review policy information and more.

But, Lovvorn knows that no amount of technology advances can replace good, old-fashioned customer service, and that’s what he and Alfa Insurance are all about. Alfa strives to be “Right there with you” and Lovvorn stands behind that promise.
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

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