Fun Halloween Ideas Your Goblins Will Love! – Clean & Green

Lynne Hart
Decorating for the holidays can be fun.  It can also be expensive!

Here are a few ideas using items you may already have at home.  Save some green while being green and have a Happy Halloween!

Milk Jug Ghosts

Halloween Milk JugsCollect some empty milk jugs.  You can use gallon or half-gallon containers.  Make sure you wash them thoroughly.

On the opposite side from the label, use black paint or a black Sharpie marker to create funny or scary ghost faces.  Leave caps on while you do this so the jugs won’t dent.

If you have white paint, use it to color the caps white.  You can also use your paint or marker to paint the caps black.

Cut a 2″-3″ hole in the back of the jugs (this is an adult job).

Line up your ghosts.  Place portions of a string of 50 clear low-wattage holiday lights into each jug.  Plug them in and they’ll brighten your holiday!

Window Critters
Use large pieces of cardboard or other material you have available that will fit in the windows you have selected to decorate.
Draw the outline of your critter and cut out (let an adult do the cutting). Paint the critter black.

Use cellophane to cover mouth, eyes, and other openings as shown in the picture.  Attach to the back of your critter. You can use light colored markers to add accents to the cellophane.

Make sure the lights are on in the room so your critters can be clearly seen from outside!

Ghosts Suckers

Ghost SuckersHere’s a great idea to dress up your Halloween sucker treats! Use whatever size suckers you like. Cut out squares of white fabric or tissue paper large enough to cover the sucker leaving enough to cover most of the sucker stick.

Using black string or ribbon, tie a bow tightly just under the sucker.  You can dress it up a bit by using orange or colorful ribbon if you have it available. Add ghost faces using a black marker. Enjoy the smiles as you give these to your guests!
By: Lynne Hart

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