Free Tree Seedlings For Limestone County Residents!

Lynne HartIn April of 2011, Limestone County was devastated by tornadoes. Among the losses were thousands of trees.

KALBBeginning at 10am on February 16th at Big Spring Memorial Park in Athens, Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful volunteers will be giving away over 5,000 tree seedlings. This effort is in cooperation with the Alabama Forestry Commission and the Arbor Day Foundation’s Alabama Tree Recovery Campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to replace trees lost in the tornadoes and to provide citizens a way to participate in the recovery of North Alabama’s urban forest. We welcome city dwellers and those with acreage that can handle the larger trees to help us with this effort.

KALBWe sometimes forget how important trees are to our environment. One mature leafy tree produces enough oxygen for 10 people to breathe for a year. Trees help rid our air and ground water of pollutants, provide protection from wind and rain and provide food and habitats for wildlife. Trees are a precious resource!

The trees have been designated for residents of Limestone County. Volunteers may ask to see a copy of a utility bill or other form of identification.

REMEMBER: These trees are seedlings and will require special care to insure they will reach maturity. Instructions on caring for a seedling will be available at the event.

KALBLIST OF TREES AVAILABLE (KALB will receive 600 of each)

Crape Myrtle – Landscape plant, heat and drought tolerant. Usually grows up to 15-20 ft tall.
Flowering Dogwood – Provides pleasant shade, slow growth rate up to 20-30 ft tall.
American Hophornbeam – Prefers moist, fertile, well-drained rocky or sandy soils. Grows up to 40 ft.
Sycamore – A massive tree commonly 50-100 ft tall. Likes deep rich soils.

ADDITIONAL SPECIES (KALB will receive smaller quantities)

  • Chickasaw Plum
  • Green Ash
  • Nuttall Oak
  • Pond Cypress
  • Overcup Oak
  • Blackgum
  • Cherrybark Oak
  • Bald Cypress
  • Shumard Oak
  • Red Maple
  • Sawtooth Oak
  • Redbud
  • Persimmon
  • Oak Leaf Hydrangea
  • Japanese Maple

For more information visit the KALB website or give us a call!
By: Lynne Hart KALB