Foreman’s Forum – You Can Refuse to be a Victim

12-2-2016-9-51-50-amBeing a victim is real easy. All you have to do is look like a victim. Walk down almost any street after midnight and if you wait around long enough, you will be a victim! The NRA has a program titled “Refuse To Be a Victim.” I have a program which I have developed that I believe is even better. Mine is not so politically correct and is not lawyer proof.

Let’s use your favorite movie or TV hero and try to imagine him or her being a victim. First and foremost, the most important element that keeps heroes from becoming victims is the way they look. There is not one single high-energy action hero that looks like Pee Wee Herman. Now that guy is a victim in waiting! You can pick from any long list of heroes you may want to imitate. If you are over forty, you can probably name a dozen or so cowboy heroes. Can you try to imagine John Wayne, as Rooster Cogburn, getting mugged as he walks down the street? How about Crocodile Dundee? Now that’s a knife! How about the Lone Ranger or Tom Selleck or Sam Elliott? OK, in a politically correct article, I should mention, some heroines such as Roy Roger’s wife, Dale Evans, or Lara Croft played by Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raiders.


You see, none of these heroes and heroines looked like victims. Dale Evans could shoot the gun right out of the bad guy’s hand. All of these stood tall and looked like they could whoop some serious backside, if the need presented itself. You never saw any of these guys or gals walking quietly along with their head bent down, hugging themselves. Heroes don’t put up a flashing neon sign that says, “I am weak and I want to be a victim.”

This is the way for you, man or woman, to at least look like you could whoop the backside of any miscreant who stumbled into your path.
1) Stand tall with shoulders back and your head held high.
2) Be alert to your surroundings. (more on this later)
3) Walk like you are going somewhere, even if you aren’t!
4) Men, lose the skinny jeans and the polka dot bow tie! Try not to look wimpy!
5) Ladies, don’t dress like you want to be a victim! If you’re walking down the street, don’t dress like a street walker! (I warned you this would not be politically correct!)

Now, find an instructor and learn how to defend yourself. Getting properly trained will keep you from “looking like a victim.” If you own a handgun, learn how to use it safely and properly. Learn how and when it is legal to use deadly force to defend yourself and your loved ones. I hear so many people tell me, “Oh, I know how to shoot. I went hunting once with my grandfather.” Now that kind of remark is what I call the stuff that comes out of the south end of a north bound mule! Find an NRA Certified Firearms instructor and do it yesterday!

12-2-2016-9-52-13-amI am offering Basic Pistol with Self Defense classes. I keep the class size small so I can provide individual attention if needed. I am also offering an Advanced Self Defense Shooting class. This is for those who have already taken my basic class, or those who can show me they have already mastered the basic stuff.

I mentioned above the need to “be aware of your surroundings.” While walking on a path or sidewalk, do you notice some guys that just seem to be hanging out? Everybody else on the jogging or walking path seem to be there for a reason. (Exercise!) How about the city sidewalk which leads you past some dark alleys? How about walking past that parked car that has several men sitting in it? One night you head to the nearest “Stop & Rob,” sorry, I mean convenience store, to get some milk. Do you really need to go by yourself? When you get there, do you see the two or three characters hanging out right next to the front door? Oh sure, it’s the Christmas season and they are collecting for the Salvation Army, right?

The best fight you will ever be in is the fight you avoided. Stay away from trouble. If you are heading somewhere and have to stop and think, “Maybe I should take my gun,” then don’t go there
By: Paul Foreman