Foreman’s Forum – Are You a Sheep Dog or a Sheep?

10-21-2016-3-18-06-pmAbout ten years ago, my wife and I were traveling out west. We left Utah and drove south into Arizona, and turned down a narrow gravel road that took us out into some ranch land. We watched in amazement at a huge herd of sheep being watched by two sheep dogs. It was late in the afternoon when the sheepdogs suddenly jumped up and began herding the sheep across the valley towards a rustic old corral. I stopped the car as we watched these amazing dogs run back and forth, herding the sheep across the road right in front of us. I never did see anyone telling the sheepdogs what to do. Maybe they just knew when the sun got lower in the sky, it was time to take the sheep back to the corral where they would be safe from whatever lurked in the darkness.

I have heard stories of how the sheepdogs will protect their flock against predators such as coyotes, wolves and even mountain lions. I have heard that the only thing sheep will do in times of danger is either try to run or bunch up in a group and stomp their hooves. They don’t seem to be capable of fighting back against predators.


Not all people are warriors or sheep dogs. Today’s military and law enforcement communities often use the term “sheepdogs,” referring to themselves as the defenders of the flocks. Just recently, in the terrorist incident which occurred in a St Cloud, Minnesota shopping mall, the shoppers were almost all sheep. But, there was one sheepdog. Off-duty policeman Jason Falconer took the necessary action to stop the terrorist before he could stab or slash any additional victims. Jason Falconer is a sheepdog of the highest order. He was a firearms instructor and taught classes on Self Defense. He ran toward the danger, while everyone else was running away. I am sure he had hoped it would never happen. But, he was ready when it did happen right in front of him.

Should sheepish people, those of us who are a little shy and timid, take up arms to fight if ever needed? I am meeting new people almost every week, who come to me to be trained on how to use their gun. I am not talking about pointing and pulling the trigger. I am talking about those who used to be sheep, wanting to learn how to defend themselves and their family. I have had a few, two or maybe three out of several hundred, who wanted to give up. Oh, they could point the gun and shoot. During the shooting drills, they even hit the targets. Their problem was the fact that they would not, or could not get it into their minds that they needed to act aggressively and take the fight to the bad guy.

I probably tried to encourage them more than I should have. But, some people are not going to be sheep dogs. Some people are going to be sheep and need to be protected.

However, there is hope. There are numerous accounts of when things went from bad to worse, a shy timid person turned into a heroic sheep dog. We have all heard the stories of someone lifting a car off a victim who was pinned under it. There are stories of someone running into a burning building and dragging a victim to safety. We have heard of incidents where someone swam for miles after their boat sank. The human mind and body is amazing. We can overcome unbelievable odds and survive what should have been a fatal incident. Not everyone can be a Sheep Dog. But, I believe that even the most shy people can learn to defend themselves.

I hope shy, timid people will come to realize that they must not give up taking Pistol Training. If the gun you have doesn’t fit your hands or strength, trade it in for one that will. Build up the strength in your hands by using exercise devices that will improve your grip. Go back to the instructor and request additional Pistol Training. Defending yourself is not going to be pleasant. But, what is the alternative?