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This is frequently the cry of the duffer of the sport called golf. I have been golfing since 2009, and sometimes I find that it can be anything but relaxing.

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It is considered the sport of gentlemen and woman. It is a sport that can be very rewarding and humbling. Here are some tips to keep you safe while chasing the elusive white ball.

    Jim Doyle

  • Make sure you lock your car after getting your clubs out. Drop your keys in the bag.
  • Before you tee off, be aware of the people around you as you take those practice swings so your afternoon of golf doesn’t turn into an afternoon at the emergency room.
  • Before you take your first fairway shot, give a quick look around to be sure that no one is in your line of sight. If someone walks into the line of fire after you take that shot, shout out a warning. “FORE” will usually make everyone duck!
  • Don’t ever hit a ball into a group in front of you because you think they are moving too slow. Keep in mind that a golf ball at that speed hitting someone in the head can be deadly. Be patient. If you have to, ask if you can play through.
  • If you hear “FORE” while you are golfing, don’t act like a Meerkat duck. Instead crouch behind your cart or a tree.
  • When using a golf cart please be careful. It is just like driving a car. Watch your speed and please don’t drink and drive. Wait until the nineteenth hole (clubhouse, lounge) to imbibe.
  • Don’t overload the golf cart. They are only designed for two people. You may think it’s harmless to let someone ride on the back, but they can be seriously injured or killed if you lose control.
  • Stay on the designated golf path. Golf carts are not made for four wheeling.
  • Watch your arms and legs if someone else is driving, and remain in the cart until it comes to a complete stop. EMTs probably won’t have time to grab your $400.00 driver and that could be lost too.
  • Most carts do not have safety belts. Be especially careful taking corners.
  • Remember children do not weigh as much as adults, so slow down. A little a dip in the golf path could be enough to send a child flying out of the cart.

Security SavvyIn closing, still being relatively new to Alabama, I am always looking for golf partners (you know how to reach me). Still being somewhat new to the game, you may want to bring protective gear! Stay safe, have fun and hit ‘em straight.
Jim Doyle is the owner of
Madison Security Group, located
at 203 US Highway 31,
Athens, AL 35611.
MSG’s phone is 256-232-7030, and Jim can be reached at jimdoyle@madisonsg
By: Jim Doyle

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