For The Love Of NASCAR – The Gen Y Perspective

4-3-2015 11-24-22 AMThe smell of racing fuel and burning rubber meets my nose, and I instantly recognize the scents I love so much. My heart begins beating rapidly when engines come to life with a roar at the command of the Grand Marshall. I rise out of my seat and begin cheering for my favorite driver as the speed of the cars causes the ground to shake while they head for the starting line. The green flag waves and the NASCAR race begins!

For approximately nine months of the year, I spend every Sunday afternoon possible watching NASCAR racing. I love watching the cars and drivers race around the track at astonishing speeds, while trying to avoid crashing into other cars. Auto racing is unpredictable: a crash can happen at any moment, the engine could blow, or a myriad of other problems could occur that will affect the outcome of the race. The unpredictability and thrill that accompany a NASCAR race are just two of the many reasons that racing is my favorite sport.

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I have been raised watching NASCAR since birth. My dad, (who is an engineer) is the main reason I was exposed to the sport. He has loved cars for as long as I can remember, and I have many memories of being in the shop with him while he worked on cars. He has taught me everything I know about mechanics, engineering, and racing; I inherited my love of motor sports from him. We watch the races together, and he explains terms to me, as well as the techniques and strategies of racing. We not only talk about NASCAR, but also about drag racing, dirt track racing, go-kart racing, and more. Because I was raised in this environment, I grew to love automobiles and racing of all kinds.

A major component of racing is the engineers who work on the cars, make the cars faster, and improve its performance. Auto design engineers design the cars to be as aerodynamic as possible while being able to handle the horsepower the engine produces and staying within certain guidelines given by NASCAR. There are many different kinds of engineers that work for the racing teams, but they all work together to create a car that can help their driver win the race.

My love of racing, mechanics, and automobiles has inspired me to pursue a career as an engineer, working towards my dream of being a part of a racing team in NASCAR’s top level of competition. I aspire to spend my life doing what I love instead of working in a cookie-cutter job that I will not enjoy. I know it is going to be a long, hard road to get there, but I am willing to put in the hard work needed to reach my goals.

Just like in a race, there will be complications that I will have to overcome in order to “get the win,” but I know the rewards will be worth the struggle. I believe in dreaming big and not settling for mediocre. Reach for the stars, pursue what you love, and do not let anyone convince you to do less.

Remember, anything is possible.
By: Hunter Rogers

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