Follow the Science

By: Roy Williams

When we are talking about the China virus, we are told that we must follow the science. If you are a “truth seeker,” then please remember that the pharmaceutical industry has been promising cures for disease for 60 years and to my knowledge, they still haven’t produced even one.

Let me remind you that whoever is control of the testing can make the science say anything they want. Dr. Atlas reminded us that President Trump has been following the science from the beginning.

At this time 11,000 epidemiologist have all agreed that Trump is wanting to do the right thing. Step 1 is to protect the most vulnerable, those over 60 with two or more chronic health conditions; and step 2 is to keep America open including schools because children are less likely to have any symptoms and almost 100 percent of the children that do contract the China virus will survive.

Please remember, science tells us that it is okay to murder babies up until the third trimester; that bumble bees can’t fly; that drugs are safe and if we will just give them enough money and time, they will cure all disease; that evolution is a fact; that there is no God; that vaccines are safe; that cholesterol causes heart disease; and that supplements are a waste of money.

To the left and the pharmaceutical industry, it is imperative that we believe the science. Of course, they insist on that because they stand to make trillions of dollars if they can force vaccinations on everyone, world-wide. It is also the easiest way to force us into submission. You must wear a mask, social distance, self-quarantine, accept global warming, stop using fossil fuels, give up your guns… and they censor what you say if it doesn’t fit their narrative.

Now, we are supposed to believe that the drug companies have come out with a vaccine that is over 95 percent successful at stopping the China virus. Up until the China virus, a vaccine could take years to develop and be made available to the public. This vaccine has come out in less time than any drug ever developed, and we are supposed to believe that it is safe.

These same companies have raised billions of dollars for heart disease and cancer research, and those two diseases are still the number one and two killers in the industrialized world. Most drugs cause more problems than the disease they treat, and the cost continues to go up, double that of inflation. The FDA has been caught accepting millions to get approval of drugs that are now causing cancer and other horrific problems.

Let me make a prediction right now. In a few months after the vaccine is released, the China virus vaccine will be touted, by the mainstream media and the pharmaceutical industry, as the most effective drug ever produced. The number of people tested positive will drop dramatically, the number of hospitalizations for COVID-19 will dwindle down to nothing and the number of COVID-19 deaths will end.

It will be so easy to make this vaccine look like a success. COVID-19 testing is more likely to show some virus other than the actual China virus. False positives are turning up everywhere. Ninety-nine percent of those under 65 do not have to be hospitalized, over 80 percent never even have symptoms, children are almost 100 percent immune to it, and 97.8 percent of those over 65 with two or more chronic health conditions will survive.

When you look at those statistics you quickly realize that they could vaccinate every one of us with water and make it look like a miracle drug. All the pharmaceutical industry has to do at that point is just announce that testing is no longer necessary, that it is no longer necessary to report the hospitalizations, that any symptoms are caused by something other than COVID-19, that our children are safe, and that the elderly can relax.

You see, when there is no real threat in the first place, anyone could come up with a vaccine that works. As far as that goes you could tell everyone to drink a soft drink a day to protect you from the China virus and show proof positive that it works!

No, I am not going to follow their science. We can have thousands of people taking supplements with amazing results and their own doctor’s reports showing proof, yet I am not allowed to advertise the results without a double-blind, placebo-controlled study that cost millions.

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Your friend in health,
Roy P. Williams