Fight The Future

By: Steve Leland

No, this isn’t about politics. This is about your personal future. The future that will happen to you if you are not proactive.

Think about a boat placed in a river. The river is flowing downhill. The boat will float downstream unless it is acted upon by a force greater than the power of the water’s flow. In fact, unless the boat is tied to or caught on something stationary, you have to apply energy of some sort to stay in one place.

I have found life to be that way. If I am complacent, I’m going to be floating downstream. Putting in a modicum of thought and energy can keep me staying right where I am, but it takes a bit more than that to improve our lives. And the more you work at it, the farther you get. Hence, my statement about fighting the future.

Have you already reached your goals for your life? Or maybe you have found that the goals that you were aiming at proved to be unreachable. Either way, my friend, it’s time for new goals. One goal that everyone should have, no matter where they are in life, is to make life more pleasant for others. Some people we can physically help by doing a small task that they need done. Sometimes we can help with a gift of food or something that they need. But most often people need a smile and a kind word. This is a season that many find very depressing because of their circumstances. Some won’t see the new year because of it. If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours. Smiles, along with kindness, are infinitely renewable resources.

Along those lines, and returning to the theme of fighting the future, which Kingdom are you voting for? Of course, we believe that we would only support the Kingdom of Heaven, but we fail to realize that when we make a less than stellar moral decision, we are voting for the enemy’s kingdom. Be careful when depending on your conscience for your definition of the righteousness of your position, as a conscience is a very malleable thing. An Indian once said that a conscience is a three-cornered thing in one’s mind that turns until the corners wear off.

So, fight for what your future could be, and make sure that each of your decisions is righteous.
By: Steve Leland