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8-1-2014 3-01-57 PMIs there life after death? Is there really a God? Do animals have a spirit? I say “Yes” to all these questions. Here are my reasons for believing as I do.

In the early 1980’s, my Pee Paw was dying from brain cancer. As I have stated in a previous article, he was known for helping dogs in need. During this difficult time he had seven dogs. Two were elderly and my Mom decided to take them to the veterinarian to have them put to sleep. She told no one what she had done and when she returned to look after Pee Paw, she thought she had done the right thing. Anyone who has seen what brain cancer can do to someone understands that most people with this diagnosis usually have dementia or some form of memory loss and even can relive moments from their past. Well, Pee Paw was reliving a moment in his life while my Mom was looking after him and suddenly he became quiet and looked at my Mom with an angry look. He then asked her, “Rickie, how many dogs do I have?” She replied, “Seven Dad.” He stated, “No, you are lying.” Mom said, “No Dad, you have seven.” He then replied, “Rickie, you are lying because Trouble and Suzy are standing by the door telling me you murdered them and they are waiting for me now.” Needless to say Mom was spooked and quickly left Pee Paw’s glaring look.

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When I was thirteen, my dog, Little Girl passed away and I grieved for her so badly. I lay in my bed for a long time and cried. For two weeks I grieved for her. One night I dreamed I was in front of the house we were living in at the time in Letohatchee, AL. I was sitting on a splitting log and Little Girl appeared in front of me. She ran to me barking and jumped into my arms, licking my face. The joy I felt was so strong that when I awoke I did not grieve anymore.

Recently, last November, we lost Maggie. She was four years old and bone cancer had set into her right leg. We made her comfortable after her diagnosis and tried several homeopathic remedies in hopes of beating this disease. A few days before Thanksgiving, she died in the loving arms of her family. Once again, I grieved over her very hard. About two weeks later, I dreamed she was there in our home wagging her tail and loving all over me and her siblings. It was like she was letting me know that she was fine and that she would see me again.

Ever hear of the dogs that grieve over the loss of their Pet Parents? How about stories of soldiers dying overseas and being returned in a casket with their dog at the funeral lying by them? I have seen news articles where dogs would be grieving over their Pet Parent at a funeral. There are several stories out there that are true about dogs and their feelings. To have no soul or spirit would leave them as blank as a rock or an inanimate object.

If there are any unbelievers among us who read this, it is my hope to help them realize that they will see that Canine Family Member again when we are done with this life. One more thing, if there are no dogs in Heaven, then I don’t want to go there. My piece of Heaven is with my “babies”.
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