“Everyone Deserves A Spa Day” Coming Soon To Medical Massage

Medical Massage TherapyOn July 1st of 2012, Wendy Couch, owner of Medical Massage, had an open house at her practice’s new location just off the Square at 109 Marion Street in Athens, and it was a definite success. In fact, since then, business has been so good, that Wendy has been able to add a partner to her practice, a woman by the name of Janet Stubblefield. There is no greater accolade than for one massage therapist to refer to another massage therapist as “my massage therapist,” and Ms. Janet is “the one.” Janet graduated with honors from Virginia Tech, and joined Wendy this past December.

Indeed the new location is ideal. It is roomy, serene, has potential for expansion of services, and always has the most soothing music playing. And, speaking of soothing, Wendy and Janet are about to host a very special event from March 7th through March 10th called “Everybody Deserves A Spa Day.”

Wendy told me, “The purpose of the event is to make it possible for our members to take advantage of some of our services that they may not have tried before, and to make our new services available for others to enjoy.”

Medical Massage Therapy

So, what have these two cooked up? A spa day that promises to be memorable. I am no newcomer to massage or various modalities, but I learned about some new services, and the whole package sounds just heavenly. For $135, you are going to be treated to 4.5 hours of special treatments, at a rate that is well over half off a comparable day spa price. That also includes light refreshments, served in just the right amounts so that your body has what it needs, but isn’t burdened down with a heavy job of digesting a big meal.

“First we’ll start with an infra-red session of 30 minutes,” Wendy told me. “Infra-red? As in old style heat lamps?” She smiled kindly at my ignorance and explained that they now have tables that have jade stones in them. The stones are heated up, and loosen you up for actual massage, which happens at a much deeper level. “It’s like being out in the sun and getting sleepy, but without any of the sun’s damaging rays. Most people lie on their back the whole time, and many fall asleep,” Wendy explained. The infra-red session will last for 30 minutes.

Next will be a 30 minute massage session. Both Wendy and Janet know everything from Swedish to deep tissue massage, and very soon are going to get their certification in pre-natal and infant massage.

After the basic massage, there will be your choice of a 60 minute facial, or, if you prefer, what is known as a back massage. Either treatment involves hot towels, exfoliating, and a focus on hydrating the skin.

There will be an ionic foot bath treatment that will last for 30 minutes, and I can say from experience that those are remarkable.

The last treatment for the event will be your choice of body wrap, although Wendy was quick to point out that the focus will not be on the wraps that are advertised as slimming. “These will be for hydrating, or you can choose a wrap that has the linens soaked in herbs.” This one lasts for 60 minutes.

I can see myself with about as much strength as a piece of cooked spaghetti (whole wheat, of course,) after a session such as this, and I trust it will be a wild success. However, there is more good news. “We are planning a similar event for Mother’s Day,” Wendy said, and she and Janet are more than ready to get to work on us.

There will be breaks in between treatments, lots of water and several types of fresh teas served. And, if you are not able to make it to the March event, you can come to the Mother’s Day event in May, or give gift certificates to either.

I would strongly encourage you to take care of yourself by putting yourself in the hands of these two highly professional, strong, skilled and sensitive women. You’ll be utterly glad you did. This event is by appointment only, so call Medical Massage as soon as you finish reading this article and schedule your own personal spa day. You might just end up being so relaxed that you may need to have someone drive you home. Ahhh, what a luscious thought, and all at a more than reasonable rate!

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By: Ali Elizabeth Turner