Endless Catering: Endless Possibilities For The Holidays

Endless CateringAmanda Smith, the bright and energetic young woman who owns Endless Catering, is the embodiment of what a beautiful melting pot and land of opportunity America still is, and the proof that with hard work and ingenuity, the possibilities are endless.

Amanda attended Le Cordon Bleu in Orlando, and holds an Associate’s degree in culinary arts. Her family is from Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Italy, and her recipes have been handed down through the generations. “Ninety percent of the seasonings I use are Spanish,” but she is completely comfortable with creating delicious fare from all over the world.

She specifically chose to open a catering business instead of a restaurant because she likes the “variety and the change up.” She is as comfortable doing a small baby shower as she is a large corporate event for hundreds. Having spent a good chunk of my professional life serving in the catering business myself, I thoroughly enjoyed swapping stories with her. I was impressed with her expertise as well as experience, and even more, her work ethic.

Endless CateringShe looks at just about any catering challenge as an opportunity, and has had to apply her education to her own life. “When we got married, my husband told me we had a budget of about $3000, which is not much these days. I had to find a way to work within the budget and make it wonderful.” “Was it?” I asked. She nodded vigorously. As a result of that experience, she finds that she loves to help couples achieve their dream for their “dream day.” To that end, she offers a free consultation and a free tasting to potential wedding clients. “Every menu is custom built, and my goal is to make something special, give clients options, and work within their budget.” She always takes into consideration the time of day, the level of formality and the budget for each event.

“I will do everything from gourmet to sandwiches, chicken wings to sausage balls.” Every menu and every event is different. “We can have 50 weddings on the books, and not one is the same. We plan around the seasons, themes, colors and budgets, and will do everything we can to work with the client.”

Just recently she booked a wedding with a carnival theme, something most definitely out of the ordinary. They are having the kinds of things you’d expect on the midway, hot dogs, funnel cakes, cotton candy, popcorn, fried macaroni and cheese balls, in addition to standard wedding fare.

Endless Catering

Amanda loves to work as a personal chef for in home events. She designs the menu in conjunction with the hostess, shops, cooks, sets the table, brings someone to serve, and they clean up afterwards. There is a family in Huntsville that hires her every year for their annual weekend long family reunion, and she takes care of the evening events. She has become like family to them.

One of the things I appreciate about Endless Catering is their approach to dealing with leftover food. They always pack a beautiful to go box for the bride and groom when they leave their wedding reception, and will send the rest home either with the families, or donate it to the homeless through Manna House.

An indispensable part of what makes this work so well is Endless Catering’s mobile unit, which I had the opportunity to tour. It is a beautiful piece of machinery, has a fully equipped kitchen, and makes it possible for the on-site food to be exceptionally fresh and delicious. It is one of the main sources of the compliments received by Endless Catering.

Endless CateringAnother is the crew. Amanda is very careful to hire and train the best, and has a staff that can handle themselves courteously and professionally in any situation, from the most formal to the most casual, the smallest, intimate event to something huge.

Endless Catering also can accommodate groups of 50 at their location. They have had several wedding rehearsal dinners there, as well as other events, and I am going to be attending a luncheon myself on November 30th. It is cozy, clean, and has all the trappings, linens and decorations to make a beautiful event. She has received 5 out of 5 stars for her online www.weddingwire.com recommendations, and I can see why.

If I were a bride, a mother of one, going to have a baby or a baby shower, there is no doubt I would make Amanda my “go to gal,” and hope you’ll do the same.

Endless Catering
27035 Old Highway 20
Madison, AL 35756

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner