Elk River Canoe & Kayak Trail Cleanup

Lynne HartTwo years ago, a group of volunteers worked to clean up two put-in spots and the section of the Elk River Canoe and Kayak Trail stretching between them.

We cleaned up litter, dragged tires and a television set from the water, dug up roofing materials, painted over graffiti, and removed invasive brush (with TVA permission). TVA was able to remove a refrigerator from the river thanks to one of our volunteers in a canoe who spotted and marked its location.

3-16-2013 10-26-18 AMWhen we returned to these areas two years later, they had NOT returned to the state in which we had originally found them! Our volunteers truly have made a long-term difference.

Now that we’ve had some experience, we are expanding our cleanup to cover as many places along the river in need of work that we can.

3-16-2013 10-26-05 AMDamien Simbeck, TVA Water Resource Representative, is working with KALB to organize this cleanup. TVA staff will recommend areas along the river that are in need of attention such as camp sites, sloughs, and areas that cannot be reached by land. TVA boats will be available to transport volunteers to these spots, while others will remain at put-in spots to do whatever work is needed. Volunteers with canoes will be given designated areas of the river to scan for litter and large debris.

Our Biggest Need

KALBVOLUNTEERS! The amount of work we can accomplish is only limited by the number of volunteers who sign up to help. If you or your group have an interest in this project, we need to hear from you. Please call 256-233-8728. All volunteers must register in advance so we can arrange for supplies and create a work schedule. Let us know if you have a preference as to the type of work you do. We will try to accommodate those requests as we can.

Once volunteers are scheduled, each will be given a list of tools that will be helpful to bring along. Bottled water and lunch will be provided when our work is completed.

To be successful, we need YOU. Please call today!
By: Lynne Hart

3-16-2013 10-25-43 AM