Egg Rolls…In Bowls – Cooking With Anna

Growing up in small town Alabama, going to the Chinese buffet was a treat. It was an adventure in textures and flavors. I grew to love all the delicious dishes. Of course, they were all Americanized to fit our Alabama taste, but we sure loved going.

Egg rolls were my favorite. A perfect packaged of fried dough. Although they differ from one restaurant to another, they all have a basic mix of ingredients: cabbage, meat, garlic, ginger, onion, and soy all wrapped up in a crispy package. Aren’t you hungry just thinking about those crispy egg rolls?

Striving to live a healthier life, fried egg rolls are off the menu. You can still enjoy those same flavors, just in a different way. An egg roll in a bowl, is a great way to enjoy all of those flavors without the guilt of eating deep fried food. This particular recipe calls for using ground sausage, but I have found ground chicken to be just a delicious!

Eating healthier doesn’t have to be all celery sticks and broccoli. Be brave! Try new things! I hope you are enjoying my journey this year to better health and are traveling along with me. We can do this together!