Driven Security: Protection With Purpose

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

Shea Pope and Jonathan Barksdale are guys who are successful entrepreneurs, and between them have owned several businesses, both here and in other states. And while they are savvy businessmen who are aware of market trends and strategies, what is more important is that they are husbands and dads with fierce hearts led to protect their own as well as other peoples’ families.

In 2016, they started DRIVEN Security, a digitally-based security and prevention service which can be customized for homes, churches, businesses, and more. Some of what has driven Shea and Jonathan is the tragic presence of school and church shootings in our culture. They, along with their other partner Justin Harrison, have chosen as their company’s focus to provide the best electronic security systems at the best possible prices to the most people. This is realized through the use of state-of-the-art platforms.

DRIVEN Security says of themselves:

We aim to provide products and services that are in line with our core values:

  • Fill a Major Need for Our Customer
  • Always Go Above and Beyond
  • Be About Quality Rather Than Price

“Being parents of a combined nine children between three families, we are aware of the statistical figures in most shooting incidents. Our children all attend various schools in our state. It has been our personal mission to keep our own and other children safe. DRIVEN strives to do this by ensuring high-end security in our collective homes and businesses.

In 2016, our locally owned and operated partnership created cutting-edge access control software to meet this growing need. In 2018, we then started to source security devices ourselves with the plan of integrating our solutions under one company. Our aim was and is to Protect with Purpose.

Now we have leading partnerships with, Eagle Eye Networks, Verkada, Ever Safe USA, Agape Tactical, AVTech, and AlertUS.

At DRIVEN, we are accountable to you and each other. We take ownership of the process and product for your security. We are an Alabama company priding ourselves on making a difference by doing business the right way.

Our company listens to your needs and preferences. We make sure that we will be able to meet them through our services. If we cannot for some reason, we will tell you and help you find the solution that is best suited.

We stand behind our products and offer a no-hassle return policy. Our products are warrantied and our partners/affiliates back us up with extended customer service and support.
Our business, in a nutshell, is to treat your home or business the way we would want ours treated.”

Powerful “cyber-members” of DRIVEN’s service line-up are their cloud video surveillance products. There are several from which to choose, and here is what makes them so attractive:

  • Cloud surveillance affords you the flexibility to keep your existing cameras, as well as bridge current hardware to save costs when possible
  • You can see all your sites in one place, and access your cameras anywhere
  • No software means that accessibility is without bounds, and views can be made on almost any device
  • There are flexible storage plans for up to 30 days, and you choose the storage option you need

Other DRIVEN options include integrated access control and critical infrastructure alert monitoring; and another popular system is the intrusion alarm. They have packages for new alarm signups that include a thermostat and doorbell camera for free. Shea told me that home and business owners especially love the intrusion alarm systems,

DRIVEN can also configure packages that can utilize mass notification equipment and temperature sensor equipment, which are most helpful in school situations or fires. Shea says that he has been to almost every school system in the state of Alabama, and is dismayed at how ill-prepared schools are for all kinds of emergencies. What he would like to see is a standardization of protocols and impartation of skills so that schools can have a much more secure and predictable way to deal with situations that are highly insecure and entirely unpredictable.

All the fancy tools and jargon is good, but if you were to sit down across from Shea and Jonathan and see their visible concern, especially for children’s safety, you would understand that investing in security at school, your business, or starting with your own home is one of the best ways you will ever be able to spend your money. Call them today at (256) 434-8086 for a no-obligation assessment of all your security needs. You and your family will be able to breathe…and sleep…easier.
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner