Drive-Through Safety – Security Savvy

2014-02-22_16-40-25Why is the entrance to most drive-through windows adjacent to the exit for the in-house part of the restaurant? It’s dangerous for two major reasons. First, most of the time people using the drive-through are trying to hear the orders from their passengers or looking for their purse or wallet, distracting them from watching for people walking toward the entrance. Second, the patrons leaving the restaurant are not paying watching for vehicles because of their children or trying to manage their purchases and keeping their children in tow. It is human nature to think that leaving a restaurant would be safe and being hit by a car would be the last thing on your mind.

I have driven into a drive-through and had people leave the restaurant and walk directly in front of my vehicle, causing me to stop abruptly. I have learned to keep my eyes open so that hopefully, I won’t injure anyone. Safety doesn’t just fall on the driver; it’s up to people coming out of the restaurant to pay attention, especially when they have children with them. We all know that children are so excited to be there they will run in front of a moving vehicle without a moment’s hesitation.


Another situation regarding a drive-through is the waiting. It seems that more often than not, you end up waiting a lengthy period of time at a drive-through. Reason for this may include those inconsiderate people who drive up with a car load of people and then starts deciding what they want. Or, the register could be acting up (everything is computerized) which would stop the process entirely. This idle time is when you become bored and start using your smart phone. Before you know it, you have bumped the car in front, OOPS! Or, you turn around to take control of the children and your foot slips and again OOPS! Try to stay focused on where you are.

2014-02-22_16-40-36Finally it seems that the drive-through has become a popular stop for those who have been drinking and are trying to sober themselves up. Be aware. If you see a person acting as though they are under the influence, don’t be afraid to call the authorities. You could save someone’s life, so be aware. I have noticed that the drive-through has changed from a person picking up a small order or a drink to people putting in an order that would feed a small army. This does cause some people to become angry and start to act out. If that is the case, don’t get involved. Don’t put yourself or your passengers in a compromising position. You can always try to get a description of the person, the type of vehicle and tag number, and then let the police know what happened. As always, stay aware and keep yourself safe.
By: Brian Black,
Operations Manager of Madison Security Group
203 US Highway 31 S, Athens Alabama 35611