Don’t Sign So Fast! – The View From The Bridge

By: Jackie Warner

As a seasoned realtor, I definitely feel it is very important for my clients not only find the right home but to really take time to consider this major investment and make an informed decision. Buying a home is wonderful but a costly purchase, so taking the time to make sure it is a sound decision means knowing you did your homework before signing the contract. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Know your budget. Don’t call the realtor or start looking at houses until you definitely know that you are pre-approved to purchase a home. Make sure you understand the loan products that you qualify to use for your home purchase. All options are not created equal.

2. Have your own realtor/agent. It does not cost you anymore to have your own representation. You actually may save money because you have someone negotiating on your behalf.
3. Don’t trust all the online information you find. Do your own research.
5. Be realistic in your home search. Waiting for the ultimate may cause you to lose the best deal.
6. Just because you found a foreclosure, doesn’t make it a great buy…it could be a money pit.
7. Once you find the home, although everything looks great, still get a home inspection. It is worth the money! Your home inspector will see beyond the pretty colors and hardwood floors.
8. Review all the costs associated with your purchase before you sign. Ask questions so you make the most informed decision.
By: Jackie Warner