Don’t Get Stressed Out – Health & Fitness

By: Nick Thomas

It’s the time of year when we begin the process of getting reorganized and prepared for a new school year with all the busyness of fall sports and activities included. It is exciting and motivating to think of setting new goals and getting back into a positive routine after a relaxing summer filled with few commitments or schedules to keep. However, as you begin to work out logistics, it’s important to make sure you plan adequate ways to keep good nutrition and sleep habits a priority for you and your family in the hustle.

Family schedules are stressful at best, but there is no need to add to that; if anything, we want to find ways to combat the stress. Nutrition and sleep are two huge factors which anyone can improve upon. It’s so tempting in our crazy lives to run to the nearest drive-thru and grab that quick easy comfort food. However, that cheeseburger, taco, or milkshake will not ultimately make you feel any better…or keep you full very long either…and we won’t even mention the extra pounds it will begin to give you.
Nutrition is probably one of the most over looked aspects of health care in our society. So many physical and even mental health issues can be greatly improved by simply adjusting what we eat. Stress is the body’s response to the demanding and/or adverse circumstances we put it through. Some can be prevented and, of course, some cannot; but how we respond most definitely can be controlled by us. Our bodies crave all-natural food to fuel each minor function daily, and there is no supplement or substitute for this.

When we choose to eat food filled with sugar, sodium, and preservatives, we leave our body still craving real fuel even though the “hungry” feeling is temporarily satisfied. Because the body is not receiving the right nutrients, it cannot operate at its peak. When these are your main food sources, you will constantly feel sluggish and have poor mental clarity. You may even be more prone to depressed feelings, higher anxiety, and greater clumsiness.

By simply adding a few intentional activities in your weekly planning, a good balance for you and your family can be achieved. Try using a grocery pick up or delivery service. This does a couple of things — first, it saves you time; second, it allows you to avoid the tempting bad choices you face as you walk down the aisles at the grocery store. Finally, prep just 3 dinners a week by cooking your meat or cutting up your veggies ahead of time. Also, when you cook, plan for extra. This way you have some leftover for healthy lunches or easy dinners later in the week. Finally, if you have a little extra time on a weekend here and there, cook or prep a few healthy meals that can be frozen and pulled out on those crazy days where life just doesn’t go as planned.

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By: Nick Thomas
Owner of Prime Performance Training, and Certified Sports Nutritionist