Dog Barker – Quality of Life

6-6-2015 11-47-31 AMSometimes life is so tough and we have to make decisions that are heart breaking. I recently have lost a few of my “babies” to various illnesses. To me, it is untimely for them because many of them were not old. I know God has His reasons for taking them home, and I await the day I will see them again.

Recently my “baby”, Samson, seems to have developed a case of “wobblers.” It has not been definitely determined by a veterinarian, but he has all the signs. I have added a serious multivitamin to his diet called “Dinovite.” Between that and having a homeopathic animal specialist, Nikki, who comes to work on Samson from time to time, it has helped tremendously. And, let me say, that he has improved. Unfortunately, she has not been able to see him for a few weeks, but I believe the “Dinovite” is working.

6-6-2015 11-51-08 AMSamson has always been very playful and vocal. He loves to run and play ball, even when the neighbors’ kids run in all directions and leave him with their ball. He looks funny with his butt in the air, bowing over the ball between his paws, his tail just wagging in the air. When that happens, I see kids on top of vehicles looking scared because Samson is hovering over their ball looking for them to come play and not understanding why they are gone. Remembering this has been hard for me to see him not as agile as he was. Some people would give up and think they are doing a mercy for Samson and have him put down. To me, that would be the ultimate betrayal. We must never forget that they have feelings too, and they look to us for safety and security.

Now, why discuss this? I will tell you why. Since having him on “Dinovite,” I have seen him up and running more. He still loses his balance from time to time, but he is determined. Because he looks cute running sideways, at times I giggle and call him my “Side Winder.” He gets vocal at times when I pick at him, and then the love he has for me shows because he licks my hand and leans on me. Oh the light in his eyes is so bright when he looks at me!

Someone out there is going through a hard time and I believe they need to hear someone like me tell them not to give up. A dog promises one simple thing to us: they promise to give us their all. We should do the same. So, when life gets tough, don’t give up. When considering the quality of life for our “fur babies,” think as to why we decide what we will for them and whether or not it is being selfish. One more thing: do not allow someone else to influence your decision. It is not they who will answer for what is decided, and if they are a true friend they will support any decision you make.
By: Joel Allen

6-6-2015 11-47-48 AM