Dog Barker – Proverbs 12:10


We all, at a young age, are taught what is right and wrong by the examples set before us. The stories shared by my Mom about my Pee Paw (Grandfather), Richard Millar always interested me. He was a man who stood every bit of over 6’ 5” and was very easy to spot in a crowd. He was always the guy standing taller than most around him. He was a pilot who lived in Montevallo, Alabama and was responsible for keeping the Shelby County Airport open against the Governor of Alabama years ago. My Pee Paw was also known for his love for animals, particularly dogs. He drove a Datsun, 2-door car for transportation and the funny thing was seeing him squeeze into the driver’s seat. His knees were even with the top of the steering wheel and he would have to turn his head to the side so he could drive due to the low ceiling of the car. Now picture this in your mind.


One day Pee Paw was driving and to his horror and anger there was a man beating a dog. “SCCRREEEEECCHH!” The wheels of the Datsun screamed to a halt. The Datsun was rocking as Pee Paw peeled himself out of the car and came to the aid of the dog. He took the dog away from the man who was beating it. The man began to protest but Pee Paw glared at the man and told him he did not deserve the dog. The man yelled, “That dog is stupid and you can have her!” instead of fighting Pee Paw. This was not the first dog Pee Paw had rescued. Pee Paw already had nine dogs at home from various places. He named her Suzie and took her home.


2014-03-07_16-59-01Suzie had long white and brown fur, a Heinz 57 type dog. She left fur everywhere. Suzie would be a loving friend to Pee Paw for over twelve more years before she would go and be with the Lord. That love she shared could be seen on him every time he went to work as brown and white fur would always be on his pants. Before Pee Paw came home, she would become excited and everyone knew he was coming home. And that was how it was.

Today, my wife and I have eight Great Danes plus two more we take care of for our friends. Some are rescues and others I have collected over the years. I belong to them, not them to me. The love they give me cannot be measured. I consider it priceless.

I want everyone to measure themselves and ask whether they deserve their dog or not. Be honest because God knows your heart already and He is the giver of the dog or dogs we have. Are you a good steward? There are a lot of dogs in shelters that have been abused and are waiting to have that loving family to rescue them. Can you be a Pee Paw?

“Remember to love your dogs because they love you. Maybe not the way you want them to, like chewing up your favorite shoes or what not, but that is just love chewing. Be thankful for the time you have with them always.”
By: Joel Allen