Dog Barker – How Drool Are You?

9-6-2013 6-06-36 PMLego, one of our Great Danes, went to the water trough and took a drink. After his nice drink he came over to me to share his love, “YUCK”, he slobbered all up and down my arm! I got up to get a paper towel to clean my arm and stepped right in the trail of drool he left from the trough to me, “Ewwwww!” Lego is not your usual Dane. He likes to place his muzzle into the water, all the way up to his eyes. What a sight that is!

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So, how drool are you?

Dogs tend to use their drool for different things. They use it as an expression of love (Lego), hunger (Brock), begging (Ollie), or feeling sick. I believe they use it tactfully too. While I was eating one day, one of my “Babies,” (Another Dane, Brock) walked by and shook his head, slinging drool everywhere. After he had successfully slung drool into my meal he gave me a look like, “Are you gonna eat that? Can I have it?” Of course, I just looked and told him, “I don’t think so,” and resumed eating.

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The “Beggar” (Ollie, my Wife’s Dane) likes to have long stringy drool. This usually results in pools of slobber on the floor. Beware, because this is hazardous if the floor is tile or laminate. You know, slippery when wet? My wife had an interesting time with our big “Beggar” (Ollie). Luckily, his head was over the garbage can, drooling for a bite of her meal. But, unluckily for my wife he moved his drool to her leg, hahaha. In my case, I never let them beg me. I use my trusty spray bottle, with a mixture of vinegar and water. The “Beggar” stops really quick.

Then there is the sick one, who drools and vomits. This is serious and should be looked at by a Veterinarian. Some dogs eat certain grass to settle their stomach. If you see this, then please call your vet.

Lastly, let me share what happened at my niece’s birthday party a couple of years ago. Samson, another Great Dane of ours, was tethered to me at the party. While I was not looking he managed to get close enough to the cake and took one long tongued swipe at the cake. I heard, “Ewww! Joel! Samson just licked the cake!” I said, “That’s my portion.” And I laughed. Of course, Samson got that piece of cake and I took a piece near the area he licked. The cake tasted good and wasn’t cheap either.

“Remember to love your dogs because they love you. Maybe not the way you want them to, like chewing up your favorite shoes or what not, but that is just love chewing. Be thankful for the time you have with them always.”
By: Joel Allen
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