Dog Barker – Delicious And Nutritious!

6-6-2016 12-49-27 PMEver wonder if dogs lack for nutrition? I often find myself amazed at how resilient a dog’s body can be, and how they are able to eat something and survive through the impossible. When cell phones were being built smaller, I read about a bulldog eating a cell phone, and just like those “urban legends,” the cell phone rang from inside the dog. That was how the owner found their missing cell phone! Enough of that, though. Let’s talk about nutrition and its importance for the dog.

I have found that through proper nutrition, some illnesses can be reversed that may have developed. An example is one of my Danes, Samson, has developed “wobblers.” I thought when this happened that we would lose him. He became so bad that I had to assist him when he went outside. I began to investigate his situation, and I decided I would try Dinovite. Dinovite is a multivitamin for dogs, and they have a cat version too. It is a bit pricey, but the benefits for your dog are very apparent after a couple of weeks. In Samson’s case, he was not able to keep his balance and was falling all the time. After being on Dinovite for two weeks, his balance became better. His falls stopped, and he was able to take care of himself. He has been on Dinovite for almost two years, and he has approximately 80 percent of his body functions back.

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There is another such secret that I have found to work well. Growing a garden, then adding the vegetables from that garden to your dog’s diet is very beneficial for your dog. In most cases, your dog will not just eat the vegetables raw. It will require some creative cooking on your part. When I have a garden, that is what I do.

Here is a simple recipe that anyone can add to or take from:
Prepare 1 cup of rice, and put in large bowl after cooking
Prepare 1 cup of oatmeal, and add to rice, mixing well
Keep the rice/oatmeal mixture warm.
Put a cup of tomatoes, carrots, garlic clove, and just about any vegetable one can think of that is not toxic to dogs in a pan, but do not overcook.
Add gravy
Add some, and I mean some, dog food and there is a complete meal for your dog.

My Danes have been on this diet for years, and they have no growths or cancers. But then again, I also ensure that their dogfood has no cancer causing preservatives. Things one can look for that cause cancer in the ingredients include BHA or BHT (both of which are preservatives). This can be found also in some of our foods we purchase to eat, so beware.

Lastly, there is another product out there that is for humans called Juice Plus+, and some of the people who take this product give it to their dogs too. The reports are it really works! Here is one website that has all the information on this product: or try googling Juice Plus+.

So, those of you who have a dog that has taken ill, start looking at their nutrition. Some will have been on the cheap and bad dogfood all their lives with no issues. But consider this: Zues is 7 years old, and his brother Samson is his litter mate. Neither have a cancer or growth on them. Zues has an umbilical hernia but that was from his mother biting the umbilical cord too closely. Have a great month, and we will see you again soon.

“Remember to love your dogs because they love you. Maybe not the way you want them to, like chewing up your favorite shoes or what not, but that is just love chewing. Be thankful for the time you have with them always.”
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